Home Discussion Forum Do you ever connect with your third eye?

Do you ever connect with your third eye?

do you?
tell me about it?
and how do you achieve that connection?


  1. ❍⚫○•○⚫❍ 山田 太郎 ❍⚫○•○⚫❍

    meditation i’v heard :….i dont really believe in that stuff though.

  2. No I have enough problems with the original two.
    Lobsang Rampa was dismissed as a fiction writer many years ago although they are very interesting books to read. I personally enjoy reading books about Tibet, llamas and budhism.

  3. your third eye is the main chakra in your body. you can align with it or become connected with it through meditation. Look up chakra alignment online and that should help you with your transformation!

  4. my third eye is tuned to personalities. i can read people down to their core on my first glance. at first i never even noticed any thing was weird but people started pointing it out to me. dont know how i do it but i do

  5. Yep I make a butt load of DMT in my secret laboratory and then swallow it. Go into a crazy psychedelic dream and wake up not remembering hardly anything. Then I look to my left and I see geometric patterns breaking down in front of me

  6. I dont understand why people who have no idea about such stuff post stupid answers here.. Making your third eye activate and that doesnt happen in 1 day.. just like u cant loose weight in 1 day.. with practice.. it becomes activate.. and what happens is that u become more sensitive and able to feel things that u havent be able to before.. sensing people.. their lies or truth.. and more clear inner voice… its a good stuff.!


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