Do you differentiate between low and high magick? ?

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If you do, how often do you do low magick, and how often do you do high magick?

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I cast… magic missile!

El Bandido

Definetely, paticularly, when magic is spelled with a ‘ck’ at the end

Sea G

Come to me my pretty!!!


differentiate is a big word like mayonnaise. Good job


No. I incorporate them into what has been called Zettal.

Solly Wolly Doodle NOR♦CAL R&S

Nah. It’s all bunkum.

Hamster Shavings

Magic is all about release of energy. Depending on what kind of energy you are releasing you can get many effects from it
Anything from positive to negitive to high amounts to low amounts.
I would meditate and focus your aura on what you are seeking,
The spells you cast are just a manafestation of what really happens when you release your energy in the void to produce a effect.
I would set a stone or burn a candle or insence with a note paper or any type of paper with your desired effect you wish to happen.
It’ll be way more stronger then a silly old spell.
Spells just produce a method, but the real thing is, you must make it happen, the spell just opens the channels..
I wouldn’t do spells, they are not needed.
Just your energy, A candle or insence, a written paper of your effect and a day or 2 of meditation,
This works very well, trust me

Chris D

all magic is EVIL.

Invisible Talker

Well, basically high magic is levels 5-9 and beyond, low is levels 1-4. Gotta love ‘imprisonment’. Oh yeah, and ‘Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting’. ‘Wish’, anyone?

Anne S

No, I don’t differentiate between the two of them. When you do this, your “intent” is all ready being fogged by how to’s and can’t do’s, you limit yourself in a way.
I do not use magic on a regulare basis. Life usually has a way of straitening out on it’s own and I often feel it is not needed.


I differentiate between strong and weak magic. The energy it takes to do small every day things is mcuh different than one that is intended to change the course of your (or someone else’s) life. Before I do any strong magic I do a lot of meditating and concentrating on the outcome.
I don’t do many strong spells as 1. I am requesting help from the Powers that Be and don’t want to repeatedly bother them on small matters. 2. they take a lot of energy to perform and 3. when a lot of energy is called up, you don’t want to be sloppy. I try to be very clear with what I’m doing, but if you do it a lot, you can get messy.

Elder H

Yes I do, I really don’t do a lot of Low Magick. It is not so much that it is beneath me I have just never found the need for Low Magick.


Well, I’m not sure which definitions we’re going by here. I think LaVey had a different idea of what those meant than many people do, but if we’re going by his definition (Low Magick being smaller scale stuff that happens outside the Ritual Chamber, High Magick being Ritual Chamber stuff with lots of Psychodrama), then yeah, I’ve gotta say I do. One requires a Hell of a lot more planning, effort, time and supplies in my practice at least, and the other you can do in 30 seconds and usually isn’t as big a deal.
For some reason, though, I prefer High Magick. There’s something so spiritual about the feeling of standing before my Altar in a room lit only with candle-light, the scent of good quality incense and a beautifully arranged bit of Celtic/Pagan music of a very dark and peaceful nature on the air as I recite an incantation in Latin or Enochian. It’s just more fun than Low Magick, I guess.
To be honest, I don’t do much Low Magick, at least on a conscious level. It’s not really something I bother with when I know what I’m doing, but our minds still effect circumstances to a varying degree in the Mundane World everyday anyways. It’s an amazing tool, you’ve just got to have a really good handle on wielding it LOL
That’s a little from my experience. Now on to my reactions to the usual stream of comments from the Peanut Gallery…
*2hearts – Aww! How cute… And how many years has it been since the Zombie Jesus devoured your Brain, little boy? Hate to break it to ya, but we’re actually NOT living in the Dark Ages, and nowadays we know that there are many Religions with a Magickal Practice to them, and most of them aren’t Satanic. And no, we don’t give a good god damn what that musty old book in your right hand says. By the way, did you know that the Xian Eucharist is a form of Magickal Alchemy? In case you’re too Braindead to know what that means, it’s the changing of one substance into another by the power of the mind in a Ritual Setting, EG changing a dry, stale cracker and ritual wine into the body and blood of Jeebus in Sunday Sermon… Cannibal. For another thing, Xian Priests throughout the ages have been known to bring about the deaths of the Church’s enemies by saying a “Mass for the Dead” for a living person, and in Medeval times, were known to make a charm or talisman called the “Opus Dei” which was said to bring good fortune unto it’s bearer. Sounds like Witchcraft to me. So tell me, was “Satan” tempting all the people who have ever done those things, or are we getting a little too far into varying shades of grey for your pathetic little Black and White Existence Delusion? Take a hike before you wear out my Hypocrisy Alarm.
*catman.catman/cat lover – Okay, let’s lose the fluffy wishful thinking, shall we? If there’s anything I’ve learned in all my years as an Occultist, it’s that “the mountain” takes a lot of openmindedness and intelligence to get to the top of, so Xianity is pretty much a Boulder with a Chain nailed to it 500 feet from the bottom, keeping you from even starting to climb. I’d love to hear your explanation of how a Cult that hides the vast majority of truths from the world, whether spiritual, social or scientific, can really lead to “the top of the mountian”? Oh, that’s right, you people don’t prepare for anybody to know better than to just take your word for it. Well, here’s a little something I learned from a VERY wise man in the Alternative Metal business…
“Question what they tell you, all the lies that they are teaching. They’ve made a corporation out of deperate people’s feelings… Of fear.”
-Aaron Lewis (Staind) from the song “Paper Jesus”
You could learn a lot by opening your eyes and pulling your fingers outta your ears, fool. Try taking a page out of my book and picking the lock on those Spiritual Shackles of yours. Or are you too full of fear?
Ave Veritas!!!

bad tim, cali8,fla2; no,hell no

not really. no matter how much fuss you put into it, the power is in your mind and nowhere else. whether we’re invoking mighty powers or asking the universe to send some energy to a loved one, it’s our mental connection to the whole that does the work.


High magick follows a set of guidelines and certain formalities usually by call upon demons, angels and other entities to do his/her bidding; this ritual takes time and needs to be done correctly. These guidelines follow a very precise set of parameters and if deviated from usually cause problems for the practitioner.
Low magick is practical everyday, or folk magick, with less formality and encompasses more of the “common sense” magick. Low magick often involves the use of herbs, aromas, stones, flowers, animal parts (sympathetic magick) and other natural materials.


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