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Do you consider yourself to be a conscious incarnation, an important expression of spirit in bodily form?

“The results of our awakening will be determined largely by our attitude, intention and ability to “allow.” We fully manifest on planet earth to the degree of our acceptance or rejection of our own incarnate being. This “allowing of Self” will dictate the flavor of both our life and our kundalini trip. To avoid resistance and maladaptation the path of fire requires a certain strength. The key to metamorphic mastery is to become superbly adapted to one’s own incarnation. Conscious incarnation is giving ourselves permission to show up, hence awakening is a “choice.” Metamorphosis is a process of purification, and yet it is not a simple detoxification that is occurring, but the ongoing refinement of life itself toward the incarnation of a deeper Self. Evolution simply IS when we stop suppressing, abusing and holding ourselves back from the fluid realization of our Being.”


  1. well, since i consider everything to be an expression of “God” i also consider myself to be such an expression. however, i don’t know how “important” an expression i am. i don’t think i’m any more important an expression of “God” then a flower or a hawk or a worm or a star.

  2. I do believe that I have a soul and I also believe that intention has power. I’m not sure about incarnation or realization of Self though? It just seems to me an ideal always or just out of reach. Maybe that is my self-limiting thinking but then again maybe humans being of the flesh are inevitably self-limiting?

  3. I do consider it, and I agree with every word expressed in the statement that followed your question. It is all really much different than we have been taught, the polemical expressions for the meaning and goal of incarnation are endless, but an initiate into the ideas has a possibility of continuing to increase in understanding.
    May Kali always find favor in you!

  4. Self is not important, God is!
    Life, in of itself, is of God.
    It is all about God!

  5. Apologies in advance if this is long & rambly; I do that =) I think everything is about attitude (and intention is a close relative to that, as is ’embracing/allowing’ vs. fighting). On the one hand, I believe our attitude is the only thing in this life we have complete control over (but on some deeper level I know that’s only a partial truth). My personal keys to happiness as I know life now are compassion and gratitude..and gratitude really is about attitude. I think we are here to learn & evolve and part of that is also helping others, which happens to be something I’m passionate about anyway.
    I’ve known many truths inherently since I was a child. Strongly, I knew them. I’ve only started to actually understand some of them in the last 20 years. And these truths certainly went against what my parents, religion, and society were trying to shove down my throat.
    On another level there are some things that I haven’t accepted fully yet (well, I accept them as I know they’re true..I guess I just haven’t really honestly wrapped my head and heart around them yet). I’m fine with that. We evolve as we evolve. I know for example, that everything is for a reason, and we are it…and it’s all necessary and programmed if you will…even the really bad stuff. I don’t fully ‘like’ that because I don’t I think I can (yet). Also on another level, well, actually that one just totally blows my mind, I’m not sure I can even attempt to ‘generically’ explain it..but we really are all one and energy..and the enlightenment is a global process…and so is another, kind of ‘opposite’ shift.
    I’ve also been blessed with an amazingly forceful inner strength that first manifested itself at age 3-4…it’s helped and hurt me in my life, but I’ve always conside red it a blessing.
    =) just mho
    Very interesting question!

  6. The man who realizes ‘It is the Supreme Life that shines through all life’ does not waste words. His pleasures and his love are then all in the soul.He becomes the most enlightened among the philosophers.

  7. The circumstances and conditions that a soul chooses to incarnate into is usually made at conception, when a channel for a soul’s expression is opened by the parents. When this occurs, a pattern is made by the mingling of the soul patterns of the parents. This sets up certain karmic conditions. A soul whose own karma approximates these karmic conditions will be attracted to the opportunity presented. Since the karmic pattern created by the parents will not be exactly the same the incarnating soul’s own karma, the soul must take on some of the karma of the parents.

  8. I don’t think it can happen in one lifetime for most. Mind affects body but so does the condition of the body affect the mind. They work in tandem each giving strength to the other and sculpting each into a more beautiful and refined manifestation.
    We all shine, so to speak, our own light upon reality.
    And this expands forth from the mind/body of the individual to include our interactions with the manifest world around us. This is where we get hung up, I think.
    But thinking on this it makes one wonder what lies behind the song of a bird.
    If we are all a voice in the great chorus then realizing our being is not enough, it is not the end. We must work together to awaken the entire symphony.

  9. Yes I do. I agree with the quote & saw that it could apply to any authentic process that propels you in coming to full consciousness. These are basic truths that apply in all areas of our being.


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