Do you consider yourself enlightened & Politically Correct, or are you part of the normal, silent majority?

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I am what I am , and silent i am not

~Pirate Duchess~

Golly you are asking a lot of questions. Are you on a sugar rush from too much jam?
I’m just me.

taxed till i die,

On here silent,In real life rather loud.I speak as i see fit.

~Suki~ ♥

I do not consider myself to be ‘politically correct’, nor am i ‘normal’ or ‘silent’.

The H★★ded Cl★w Reborn© 40dtg

‘Enlightened’ is a bit pretentious for me. PC is definitely a no no. Normal? Yes. Silent? No. Majority? Yes, but dwindling.


LOL @ Duchess answer!
Yeh, TOO many questions!

Ben H


Concerned Citizen

Enlightened and politically correct are not the same thing as me.


im not politically correct. im normal. im not silent either


I don’t think you’re very PC.
You might want to rethink your picture.


Political correctness is #1 enemy of freedom of speech.

I am a self opinionated golden oldie. My D.O.L is as black as Egypt’s night. She collects Golly’s off the Robertson’s Jars and has sets of them. She wants me to give her my ‘Jolly Nigger Sambo Money Box’ which I have had since a boy. She bought a Dixieland Golly Puppet from Chester UK . She is an American and is not politically correct.
Another reason we love her.

No Doe

I am a part of the normal loud mouth majority..

Alex. C

Im very enlightened.

filya puta

I’m a confused scared little man living in a foreign country without the hope of seeing a decent TAKEAWAY……i also think i may be white!.


Silent majority.

Rich S

NO and NO………………


im definitely not politically correct but im part of the normal and unfortunately silent majority


Am currently endarkened to see if political correctness & racism do exist.
I am not silent but only make noises after I have thought about it.

Tim H

I don’t mind a moderate ammount of political correctness but THIS IS CRAZY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGHHH!!!!!!! !

Yer One

I aspire to be enlightened, Politically Correct and normal, but I have never achieved all three at once.


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