Do you consider Kundalini awakening to be dangerous?

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It can be said that life is both friendly and dangerous but to the one that knows their eternal nature life becomes a flowering of love by way of the “energy of passion” also known as Kundalini. So Kundalini (the energy of passion) is the expression of love, the enlightenment of love through its flowing and pulsing in and through all things, it is life, “making sense” or making love. So how can the expression of love ever be dangerous?
Darren: Who’s living in life, in reality here?
Mac: This is R&S you know. LOL!!!
Miguel or Darren or the third answerer: Read comment to Darren. ; )
Bad Tim: It is not dangerous as I have said to those that “awaken” to it, it is dangerous to those that do not awaken. Thank you for proving my point. ; )
Loosey: Dogma does have a way of killing life, of Shakti, to bad.
Jill E. In the practice of Red Tantra or Maithuna the upper Chakra’s are awakened through the use of sexual energy, it is a very fast method as sexual energy is the power behind all creation, Kundalini sometimes is said to be “the energy of passion”. The Lotus that floats so beautifully on the ponds surrface has its roots buried in the mud at the bottom.
Lilith: That is my experience sister.
Neil S: Perhaps it is you who are premature in your outlook.
WillRogers: Why not? The silence must be heard and this space must be filled.

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i dont think kundalili awakening is dangerous


No, not at all. It’s a physical emotional state that’s cool as hell to reach. Thanks for this question it just pushed me to level 6, as if it mattered. 🙂


Yes, I understand that former Secretary of State Kundalini Rice was rather cranky before her first coffee in the morning.


There are some who have had spontaneous kundalini awakenings. If it was dangerous, this wouldn’t happen. It raises the vibe of the lower chakras, Miguel. It’s a direct path to and from the heart to the crown chakra. Love cannot be a low vibe. The heart chakra is love, the crown is spirit.

Rez Rostov

From what I’ve read it can be horrible torture if you are not prepared for it, so yes.
From what I’ve experienced, no.

bad tim, happy ostara, chickies

i think it’s proven itself dangerous many times. not just in crimes of passion, but in people acting out without full awareness.


Sure, it’s a snake, you know. Good thing my dogma ate my Shakti.

Mysterious Panda

Living with a wild lion is dangerous, but what an experience!!!

Jill E

I don’t think it is dangerous.
I do a lot of chakra work but I have never had any adverse effects, although it was always suggested that the chakras should be kept balanced without too much emphasis on the lower ones until the higher ones were well attuned.
The suggestion was that if the lower and sexual chakras were awakened without the balancing of the upper chakras, it could give immense sexual energy that could become out of control or misused.
I had one very sudden dramatic effect that happened as I was being attuned for Reiki Healing. As the attunement took place, I felt a very strong powerful energy shoot up from the bottom of my spine and out of the top of my head. It felt like a steel rod passing up my spine.
I would suppose this was Kundalindi energy having been disturbed or awakened by the attunement. But there were no ill effects.


Yes that’s true. It should be awakened with the strict guidance of an experienced guru. Otherwise it can lead to a person becoming mad, increase of sexual desire to a maniac level or even death etc

Muthu S

Why the sex is needed if kundalini raising is dangerous
I could feel that energy reaching upwards to 1000 petals through spine and what a thrill in the whole body, mind and soul


No, I have experienced Kundalini & did not even know what it was intellectually. It opened my heart center. Actually, except for some confusion it had nothing but positive effects.

neil s

There is no evidence there is kundalini. Until there is, the question is premature at best.


No comment….
Why not?
The correct answer has already been given.


I agree with Lilith. It is not dangerous at all, after all we are it! Of course there are those that don’t know love that will say it is but they just don’t know themselves and that can always be changed.


If u doesn’t have a Good Teacher it can be Dangerous.

When you meditate, you allow demonic forces to enter your body.
Trust me.
Jesus Christ is the only way to God


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