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Do you combine prayers with visits to a psychic, tarot reader, Shaman or curandera?

I’m amazed at how many people go to traditional church services. However, many of these people also supplement religious beliefs with visits to a psychic, Yogi or tarot reader. I guess its that ‘little’ extra that helps.
I think many people do this, though sometimes for play–like seeing a tarot card reader. But, they go to church on Sunday (or Saturday) too.


  1. Um any real religious person should know that going to a psychic for help is a sin. Islam forbids this. Christianity forbids this. Judaism forbids this.

  2. I read tarot, I get a lot of religious people come for readings from me. They are just asking for some insight on issues in their life, it does not mean that they are turning away from G-d. I think a lot of people think that tarot is a devils tool. Well I don’t talk to spirits, I just read the energy of that person that the cards interpret.
    I have had many readings in which I’ve advised people to return to their place of worship. I also know a lot of psychics will start their reading off with a prayer to G-d and end with one too. Just because one is psychic or uses Tarot that does not mean G-d is void from the process.


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