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Do you Cast a Circle before doing a tarot reading?

To any wiccans out there who practice Tarot Cards
Do you Cast a Circle before doing a reading ?
Or do you just pull out your deck and then meditate on the card b4 or during the reading
Or what is your Ritual before you do a reading ?


  1. I’ve never heard of anybody casting a circle before doing a reading. If there is a reason you feel a need to cast a circle though, go ahead. If your instinct is telling you to do something, there is probably a reason for it.
    Blessed be.

  2. I can understand why someone would want to cast their circle before doing a reading, but speaking for myself, the answer is no.

  3. I am not Wiccan but I do read tarot cards regularly and professionally.
    I find that it is most important to ground and center myself. I also try to ask the help of the Gods or my guides in a reading, and always thank them for their insights.
    I almost forgot to mention…No, I don’t cast a circle, I can’t imagine why someone would want to unless they were using tarot cards as a part of a magickal ritual.


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