Home Discussion Forum Do you carry/wear/have a good luck piece ?

Do you carry/wear/have a good luck piece ?

I have a piece of citrine as a key chain…supposed to bring money around……..not broke yet !:-)
Well…….WHAT IS IT ???


  1. i always have to have my ring on that i got from my mom when i was in 7th grade……i almost lost it like 3 times already im lucky i caught it in time ive had it for like 5 years now

  2. I have a lucky necklace. I haven’t took it off since i got it. I also have a lucky bracelet but don’t wear it all the time. It is beaded and it pinches.

  3. Let’s see…I wear either my quartz crystal earrings; my rose quartz earrings; my quartz crystal pendant necklace with an amethyst stone and if I don’t have on one of those items, I ALWAYS have a quartz crystal stone with me at all times.
    My luck’s OK. I don’t want to find out what would happen if I DIDN’T have my lucky pieces with me. 😉


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