• ok heres how it works.

    in the old testament people had to sacrifice animals to cover thier sins

    then jesus sacrificed himself (he was perfect *the perfect sacrifice*)

    no more sacrifices needed, jesus was the ultimate sacrifice.

    now just ask god for forgiveness and ur ok…we have it so much easier now dont we?

  • Concepts such as sin, guilt, atonement and
    redemption have some slight precedents in a
    few pagan religions… but nothing like the way
    they became a central theme in the Abrahamic


  • The sacrificing of animals was the common practice in most of the Mediterranean religions….blood was thought to have the properties of life, and so a kind of conduit to the spiritual realms…whether or not some Divine Being ever asked for the sacrifice of animals is debatable, but it certainly had an advantage for a priestly class that didn’t want to have to do manual labor if they wanted to eat….

  • The Blood is Reconciliation with The Father and the Saved. (“Any” other ‘belief’ is just trying to sell you something. Period. <')))><

  • NO! emphatically no.

    pagans share the world theology of the oldest religious belief system from Adam and EVE and ABLE for they truly prophesied of God. but all things become corrupt, and the only NON corruptible society was translated AWAY from the earth when Enoch was taken and walked with God. (at least this is according to mormon theology)

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