do you believe you were here…?





do you believe you were on this earth before but as another person a long time ago. i forget the term for this but i think its called past life regression or something…
if you think you were here before what do you think you were…?


  1. I’m a Christian, so I don’t believe in reincarnation. However, people tell me all the time that I sort of look like, sort of act like, and remind them of a wolf. Go figure.

  2. yes i do it is called reincarnation and is brought up in many religions even before christianity i believe that i was another person and i still am a non-denoministic christian.there are many things that would explain things like mood,actions,emotions and if u feel mad or sad or happy all the time is what i think is a reflection of the person u once were

  3. i know i was here im pretty sure i was a mermaid why else would i have an obbsession with water? seriously its everywhere and people think its boring and treat it like a rock. But honestley i love it. it makes me feel tingely inside!

  4. It is called reincarnation.
    There is a running debate over this …does it really exist or not?
    Past life regression has been called a scam…but then who really knows?!

  5. A six-foot six well-muscled homosexual man of African descent. My inner self is right pleased that in this body he can score with all the straight lads that wouldn’t look at him before.

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