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Do you believe you can attract bad vibes from negative thinking?

I don’t normally believe this “theory” however I have not been in the greatest health or healthiest state of mind for about a year now. I sometimes wonder if I could possibly be attracting all this negative energy with my negative thoughts. My health problems have not been serious (thank God) so I just wonder if too a certain extent I have provoked them.
Only serious answers, otherwise you will be reported.


  1. Yes, whatever you put out into the universe comes back to you. There’s a book called “Before you think another thought” by Bruce I. Doyle III that deals with this exact same subject. It’s pretty easy reading and basically explains how your thoughts create your life.

  2. You are what you think, so if you are thinking negatively, you begin to see things in a negative light and you feel negative. It’s not that you are attracting some kind of energy, but that you are shaping your perception of the world by seeing it through a negative lens.

  3. I was about to answer your question till I saw that you would report people if they didn’t respond in a way that you like. And I’m being very serious.

  4. I’m not a great one for external “vibes”, but you can certainly think yourself ill. It makes sense, therefore, you can also do the opposite.

    • From time to time I tend to have suicidal thoughts because I am autistic and feel like the universe is picking on me and I am noticing when I engage in these thoughts it only makes MORE negative experiences happen creating *false positives* that are not really there.

  5. http://www.psychosomaticmedicine.org/cgi/content/full/66/3/363
    read this
    your state of mind affects your health
    yes i believe so, you need to look for something good in life when your feeling so negative it doesnt matter what it is ie a childs smile, the sun, even a cartoon you need to create the feel good endorthines (?) and to do this is to laugh even standing in front of a mirror and doing something silly will make you feel silly and hopefully laugh at yourself you have access to the web so look for jokes or something depending on your sense of humour

  6. Try going to the doctor to get medical advice. If you want to engage in mythological and magical cures for illness, go buy some magnets and tape them to your wrists, sit inside a pyramid and make sure its the full moon when you do this. Otherwise, and this is a SERIOUS answer, go to the doctor. Geesh!

  7. We are our own worst enemies we defeat ourselves with negative thoughts and actions. But just like the chicken and the egg you could be having this problem because of something physical. Go deep within yourself you will find the answer.

    • Or the physical could be from something mental perhaps? Sadly at our limited development it is impossible to tell if A is causing B or if B is causing A.

  8. Certainly your state of mind affects your body. A stressed mental state would lead to a stressed physical state in time, and certainly there are studies that link stress with physical illness. Also, a negative mental attitude tends to cause one to notice only bad things and let the good pass unnoticed. In this way, it perpetuates and deepens the problem, until you find yourself in a pit and you don’t know how you got there. In the time that it takes for this to happen, you might begin to neglect certain habits that help maintain a healthier state, such as exercise or mental stimulation of conversation with others. Stress lowers immune response, and so you might find yourself more vulnerable when flu season comes around or you might catch something because you are not alert to a threat due to depression and narrowing of perception.
    For my own part, I have found that regular exercise helps stave off mild depression; it would be my first recommendation if it is appropriate for you.

  9. Have you heard of the book or the movie called “The Secret”. It talks about this very thing. Go to amazon.com and look at what people are saying about it.

  10. sickness can become a state of mind and then it become more difficult for the body to recover.
    Negative thinking in general weakens you and others around you.
    Like attracts like…it is a very old principle.
    ~ Eric Putkonen

  11. I strongly believe that negative thinking can result in, and attract, negative experiences/events. Every day we face thousands of choices – many of them based off our mood – make enough negative ones and you will find yourself in a negative place. The most apparent result can be seen in your relationships with other people – if you are negative, it affects others, and could lead to more negative experiences between you. That person could be the one to help you in a bad experience, or be one of the ones contributing to it…
    While positive people are not free from negative events – I think they experience less of them, or less-severe ones simply because they refuse to let themselves be affected by them as much as the negative people. They also tend to have more people there to help them when they are in a bad situation simply because others view them as “a good person, a happy person, etc”.
    Lastly – Karma – oh yeah, it’s there, and you get back what you send out. It may take time… but I’m a believer that it all comes back around.


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