Do you believe world peace is coming in 2013?

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After the world goes through a spiritual awakening in 2012 and illusions and lies fall.
After the mitriah or world messiah comes.
I have heard of a coming world messiah that will unite all faiths and bring peace.

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What a naive view.

Girl from Rivo

No. It will just make the religious fight harder & come up with a new idea about the world ending in a new year.


You will never have world peace as long as you have religion. When have the faiths existed in harmony? They never have.


before or after nuclear war?

BrokenEye, Pathogen G immune

I thought you were naive, but then I read the details. Now I just think you’re a nut.


wishful thinking but a very nice wish.


When the false messiah comes after the rapture of the Church, there will be 3 1/2 years of world peace, then 3 1/2 years of tribulation, such as the world has never seen.
The date however is not known.


There won’t be any physical event or change and there won’t be any other sort of change. When 21st December 2012 arrives and Planet X or Nibiru has once again failed to appear, there is no sign of a pole shift, the galactic alignment turns out to be a damp squib and we haven’t been scorched by any solar flares, the woo-woos will proclaim it’s a “new beginning” or a “change in consciousness”. In reality, nothing will change and everything will carry on just as before.

LGBT Civil Rights Issue End Hate

No but the world as a whole will wake up to the lies of Christianity.


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