Home Discussion Forum do you believe we are truly living in the end times ?

do you believe we are truly living in the end times ?

Last year I had a profound spiritual experience, so profound in fact I ended up in the Psych ward, I wonder if other people are experiencing a spiritual awakening.


  1. well many things that are mentioned in the bible as signs of “the end” are happening..but I don’t know if it’s soon because I think about “the end” everyday mostly all the time and it says no one will see it coming!

  2. Scripturally speaking end times does not specify a finite period, it is a reference to an age:
    Age of Creation
    Age of the Patriarchs
    Age of the Kings
    Age of the Prophets
    Age of the Messiah
    Age of the End Times

  3. Nearly all religions have changed their sermons to account for the end of times. Yes! It is here. Watching the news should tell any intelligent person this world is going to come to a close.
    You can research it best by going to our website, but I will give you just a bit to look for.
    The world is not going to physically burn up.
    Your going to see governments turn on False religion and literally destroy them.
    You will see government require identification of each person to sell or buy commodities.
    There is coming a Resurrection of the dead.
    It will not all happen at once, but over time wars will be fought.
    Personally I think it has begun, but that is my opinion.
    Use my link below and look around our website.

  4. YES. Satan had a short time in world of Rev.17:1-6,10-14; will end. Eph.3:21; World with Jesus never ends. 1Cor.15:22; As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. Matt.24:3.36[Only God knows the day and hour present world ends];
    Job 38:4-7[angels saw earth began];
    John 17:3,5,24[Jesus with God before the world was];
    Gen.1:1,2; All existed, time evident as billions. Gen.1:3-31[Earth is focus].
    4066 Adam, Eve and Satan in Eden to Christ born in Rome.
    1656 to flood.[130-105-90-70-
    0000-PLUS-65-162-65-187-182-60… = 1656, flood.
    GEN.9:28,29; Noah + 350 = 2002 + 2 + Abraham Gen.12:7;
    1656 to flood
    0427 years to Abraham age 75, get covenant in 2083.
    0430 years to Moses age 80 Exo.7:7; 12:40,41[430]; 1553 before Christ.
    0040 years to the Promised Land. Deut.1:3; 29:5; 34:7; 1513 Before Christ.
    0480 years to Solomon year 4 king. 1Ki.6:1;
    0036 years [of 40], Solomon dies. 1Ki.11:42; 997 before Christ.
    0391 Judah Kings=Babylon captive. Matt.1:1-17; 606 before Christ.
    3460 + 2520 =5980 after Adam and Satan in Eden.
    0606 years Christ in Rome #6[3460 + 606 + 1914 = 5980 after Eden].
    4066 years Christ in Rome,age 30 Matt.4:1-11; 4066 + 1914.
    2006 years ago Christ in Rome #6.
    0000 NOW IS 6,072 after Eden & 2612 past #3 is 2006 after Christ.
    0000 Satan’S 6130 years, Eden to reign of Christ.
    0000 Matt.24:3,7,14,15,22,36[God knows day and hour];
    1000 year reign Rev.20:1-6;
    0000 as Lamb with Bride makesall perfect again.
    7130 after Eden ends [7x 7,000 = ]49,000 years after
    earth as focus to be domesticated.2Pet.3:13; Rev.21:1-5;


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