Do you believe there's anything to the occult?

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And have you any personal experience of the paranormal or supernatural? If you haven’t do you still believe that things like clairvoyance, telepathy, contact with the dead or E.S.P are possible? Or, on the other hand, do you belief there’s a rational explanation for everything?

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There is a rational explanation in the sense that we all live life by our own realities and no two realities are ever the same.
It would be possible to see the dead but I believe science will one day prove how this is possible.
Just be patient and make no attempts to separate or condemn those things that seem strange to you.
Remember that people once thought the earth was flat and the idea of space travel would have been thought crazy.


I do believe in the occult. I’ve actually seen ghosts at my previous job (they liked to stay out of my line of sight). I think psychic powers are a rational explanation but there are many fakes out there so I’m not going to rely on anybody else’s powers. I’m also not going to use psychic powers as an explanation for everything either, the truth is sometimes stranger.


for a laugh one night (i had a black magic book) me my husband and a friend of ours decided to read a summons a deamon poem and afterwards myself and our friend saw a circular light moving fastly past us and got a real cold shiver, it was real freaky and im glad he saw it too as i would have thought i was going mad. things like this have happened a couple of times. My sisters husband died and on the same night both myself my sister and our mum were laid in bed and had a feeling of pure evil, we were really scared laying in our bed and we all saw shapes flying fast around us, we were really scared but why would he be angry towards us as we all loved him dearly. when i was pregnant with my first child i was awoken by a manly figure sat on the bed at the side of me stroking my hair but when i went to touch it it went away also when i was 9 years old i had a near fatal car accident and one day i was laid in bed and saw the dark shape of a man walk past my bed then disappear.
i think i have had messages too as what i have had images or thoughts of have actually happened too


theres definitely some weird stuff going on in this world…ive never personally experienced anything “paranormal” but i definitely believe in certain possibilities…one interesting theory that ive heard of is the ultraterrestrial theory…this is the theory of John Keel, famous ufologist, and he believes that paranormal phenomena are the result of a higher lifeform that co-exists, interacts and evolved with us on this planet but on a completely different level of consciousness that our human minds arent able to fully grasp…it seems very absurd at first, but if you read about his theories in detail, they are not as irrational as you might think…

Wake up sheeple

I’ve never dabbled in the occult so I can’t answer from personal experience whether it’s possible to contact the other side. I will tell you a story though. My mother worked as a nurse all her life. She worked nights and on the first night of her shift a guy the nurses were very fond of died. The next night a new patient had been moved into his bed. In the early hours the new woman patient attracted my mother’s attention. She said a man had come up to her bed and asked her where his watch was. My mother thought the woman was dreaming and asked what the man looked like. The woman gave a perfect description of the man who had died the previous night and added that the watch was a fob watch and it was precious to him. When someone dies, all possessions are taken from cabinets, cupboards and so on for relatives to take. My mother was spooked by the description and looked in the bedside cabinet. She found a fob watch had fallen down the back and had not been picked up.
Sorry for the long tale – it is absolutely true and was an eye-opener for me.


It’s my belief that life never dies it just changes form. I also believe in GOD and the devil. The power of good or love is always more powerful than evil. I have had many personal experiences… watched a surgery from the ceiling of the hospital room once, had a dream I liked a guy in college once (I was not attracted to him at all!) and that morning he called to ask me out, had a dream one month before my daughter was born that I had a V E R Y long baby girl. I hadn’t known of her sex beforehand, and she was a girl 22 inches long! After my moms death I was reading a poem to my sisters that I had written about her…just as I finished reading the cupboard doors proceeded to open and close making a soft clapping noise.


I agree with all that you have asked, Paranormal, etc believe me its there and waiting, never dabble in the unknown.
Passed life and contact with the spirit world this exsists but never try to without a guide from the spirit world as this is a gift not something that’s givin.
People who pass over to the light, look down on there loved ones or friends and the only way they make contact is through a medium, sometimes we hear things that go bump or voices well this to tell that they are around, same with electric bulbs blowing or doors shutting all a sign.
Poltergeist do exsist and mischevous also not nice spirits they are out to do harm Hopefully you will never experiance this.
Ther is nothing wrong with asking questions but again i say never dabble with the Dark.

Holistic Mystic

The occult is rational, the supernatural is natural and the paranormal is normal. We experience psychic abilities everyday but we don’t always realise it. We often know what people are thinking and know who is at the other end of a ringing telephone. Everyone has these abilities but most haven’t recognised and developed them.


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