Home Discussion Forum Do you believe there is anything in tarot card readings?

Do you believe there is anything in tarot card readings?

Some one gave me a free tarot card reading the other day, it was quite interesting and seemed to account for things that are happening in my life and things that i am trying to make happen in the future. Im quite a skeptical about such things but it did make me raise an eyebrow haha.
Should I believe in this stuff?


  1. Just cold reading and the barnum effect.
    On the other hand a personal reading you do for yourself, while useless in terms of divination, may give personal insight in to your own psychology. It is a symbolically rich and, as Jung pointed out, examining symbols in the context of our own lives can have great benefits.

  2. Thats ridiculous they have a bunch of stock generalisations for each card and deliver them to you in that dreary QVC shopping channel way, which you don’t really listen to but rather enjoy.
    All the generalisations are really complmentary as well, even death and the devil have nice meanings.

  3. yes and no i know how weird this sounds but i believe that if you think somethings going to work like say you find a penny heads up on the ground and you believe its good luck for the rest of that entire day you will only look at the good things that have happened

  4. In the end, you decide what you choose to believe in. Beliefs are based on personal truths. Just see where it takes you!

  5. If you trust the person who did the reading and he/she was making sense to you, then you should give it a chance. The person doing the reading makes all the difference. Time will tell if the reader was accurate or not.
    It is hard for me to judge any further than that because I don’t know who the person is, if they have any training and if they are trustworthy.
    In the right hands, Tarot readings are a wonderful way to help people solve problems. overcome obstacles and avoid bad errors in judgment.

  6. The best thing to do is to keep a diary of what was said to you and see if any of the events come true. It is possible that your reading may just be down to luck or the ‘Barnum effect’.
    The ‘Barnum Effect’ is where people find meaning in what is said to them and tend to fit what is said to them into what is happening in their lives.
    For example a famous study once gave the same horoscope reading to a bunch of students. The students believed that the horoscope reading was related to their star sign – but it wasn’t, in fact it was the same for everyone. Yet the vast majority of the students said that the horoscope related very closely to them and what was happening in their lives.
    Maybe you should ask some of your friends if your reading would make any sense to them?
    I have been involved with Tarot for years and although I believe that often the Barnum Effect is to blame for subjects claiming accuracy and relevance to their lives, I have also found readings to be spookily accurate. Hope this helps..


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