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Do you believe there is a higher level of Consciousness, aside from what's characterized in religious texts?

We live in the 3rd dimension. It is believed by some that there are at least 3 more dimensions where consciousness exists. Beings operating in the 6th dimension are believed to be able to communicate telepathically and are thought to be ‘entangled’ and connected with all other matter.
@ Prophet..i was not inferring that the things in religious texts are true or false. Those are just the things that the masses tend to think of when ‘higher beings’ are being discussed. Most who believe in the Bible’s version of Creation believe that God (their term) ‘thought it’ and it was done. Thinking is a form of Consciousness.


  1. You’ve been watching too many sci fi shows.
    Just kidding bro, Not sure about all that stuff but it is interesting.

  2. lmao @ aside from what’s characterized in religious texts…
    lmao !!!
    religious texts ONLY contain: false promises, lies and deceptions…
    is that the higher consciousness you’re taking about ???
    lmao @ you, now !!!
    Here’s the Solution for religious texts and religion:
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    Love and Believe in Our Creator;
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  3. Yes and we are told so in Scripture that there are Angelic Beings (good & bad) all around us!!!This then must include other “Dimensions” for them to “Occupy” that we can’t yet comprehend, if we ever will be able to. John


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