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do you believe there are people on earth who? spiritual people only please?

who just look like anybody else but…
they battle dark forces spiritually in the spirit domain.
do you believe that there are people here protecting others in spirit?
do these people have names that they go by?.
for ex: a shaman is one of them i believe


  1. That sounds like a premise for an anime cartoon.
    “The protector of the night fights against the dark forces which lurk deep within the spirit domain. Only she can save the spirits of the innocent from the dark side. She is the the slayer.”
    *plays Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme music*

  2. real ppl with real problems …yes we all have our demons and yes thats why ppl pray for others and ex;a shaman what fk is that

  3. I believe in the Holy Spirit, guardian angels, and intercessors( human) anything else outside of Jehovah’s control is not for me

  4. yes I believe there are people here that look like normal people but are demons in the human form.
    I also believe that there are angels walking the earth and they are also in human form.
    I believe that these spirtual beings probably dont realise what they are or that they have this unique life journey.

  5. There are many people who do this.but they are like you and me, no one notices them, they do it in private.You might want to read some of the Saint’s who by grace where great warriors of faith.google catholic saints.

  6. If you speak of Spiritual Warfare then yes it is Biblical, but it is only briefly touched on on the Bible a couple of times in Daniel and some in the writings of Jude, Paul, Letters of Peter and John. the thing we must remember is possession has two vassals one is involuntary(rare) and the other is voluntary, those who volunteer to be vassals of evil act out on their inspiration from darker forces, we as a people must capture each thought as it enters our minds and test it Biblically, to test it’s source. Doing this helps us in our understanding of God and the adversary since they are opposite in will is it a selfish thought, or is it a selfless thought. Cain while volunteering for satan’s cohabitation said it best “Am I my Brother’s Keeper” and the answer is and always will be YES! You are your brother’s keeper, and God proved it with Christ the Redeemer of the lost.

  7. In my opinion, mankind is caught in the midst of a spiritual war. A war between the holy God and His loyal angels on one side, the evil Satan and his demons on the other. I believe the world is influenced by the invisible, spiritual world around us. We know from the scriptures there are evil spirits and demons in the world. Jesus cast out demons and evil spirits.
    I believe Angels walk among us in human form. Angels can guard the righteous and battle demons and evil spirits. I also believe there are holy people that battle dark forces spiritually in the spirit domain.


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