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Do you believe the subconscious mind holds the key to working with imaginative forces?

The conscious mind can set the intention, but it must relinguish control to the subconscious mind to get the job done do you believe this????


  1. Well, Im not completely sure I understand the question you’re asking, so all I’m going to say is the subconcious mind is a mystery and can do many untold things.

  2. our subconscious is so much smarter then I am always seams to out smart us not very nice either, doesn’t know so much about the creative forces seams mine is always stealing ideas. Tries to come up with an original and the subconscious always seam to land us in a well traveled rut. I have to consciously force the path some times. And we don’t like having to resort to that.

  3. yes i believe the subconscious mind holds the key to all insights of the realm of existence.when i walk this path focused with my conscious mind, balanced within myself,i am connected with all the forces around me and inside,a complete unit of the real realm of life and creation.

  4. Something that may interest you, below.
    In humans – emotions/feelings, ideas/imagination, motivations/intentions are combined to a unique degree – “the greatest evolutionary innovation of mammals was the expansion of the (thinking) cortex to tremendous size.”
    Our intuitive responses and/or imagination may seem to be coming from ‘somewhere else’ – what many term the unconscious or subconscious or even superconscious – out there – but these are evolving aspects of the human brain and mind/body system.
    New research shows that “the phenomenon of ‘interoception’ – your ability to read and interpret sensations arising from within your own body – is essential to these fundamental features of being human: sentiment, sentience and emotional awareness… studies involving the ‘right frontal insula’ show that the more viscerally aware you are, the more emotionally attuned you are.” This in turn relates to the consciously intuitive/imaginative mind.
    Believing gifts and imagination are of a mysterious – even subconscious – origin, may well make them less accessible. Neuroscientists now argue that at the deepest level mind/body, cognition/emotion are inseparable.

  5. I don’t know whether it’s a source of inspiration itself but according to Sigmund Freud, the main force behind artistic creation is s*xual energy (else known as “libido”) as it’s channelled into more appropriate ways of expression. Primitive instinctive drives and impulses are known to be part of the unconscious.


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