Home Discussion Forum Do you believe that Zen Meditation can help me overcome laziness?

Do you believe that Zen Meditation can help me overcome laziness?

I am 48 extremely lazy and trying to overcome it by using Zen Meditation.
A Zen master told me that do you agree with the above lines? If yes please give your own thoughts and maybe more helpful advices. Thank you so much.
“Well, the habit energy of being lazy is an obstacle you’ve allowed to block you, and you must work very hard to overcome it. Now, is the time. There are exercises you could do to redirect those energies. Correct meditation methods will help redirect your energy toward action (instead of inaction or laziness). First, you must be at peace with yourself. Give yourself time. Remember that the energies you cultivate to help you focus on your computer programming goals, will also help you become a Buddhist, and not the other way around. ”


  1. Possibly. Laziness is an attitude, and meditation allows you larger control over your attitudes and thoughts.

  2. Hi .
    This is Barani from India. I just thought my insight could be of help. Lazinesss is an attitude that people have cultivated since early childhood. Lazinesss is accompanied by shallow breathing, since the body is mostly idle , the lungs and the heart do not function at the optimal and also the peak levels.
    For people who are active physically, they have a very good breathing habit and have a good stamina and do not get tired easily. Now to come out of laziness, you could practice deep breathing early in the morning after getting out of bed. One of the breathing techniques called “Sudharshana Kriya” taught by Sri Sri Ravishankar is a very good breathing exercise that takes about 20mins everyday. This breathing exercise has helped me a lot I’d say.. Also, if you are depressed and your laziness is because of the depression, this breathing exercise will help you. Also, I’d recommend taking anti-depression medication if the need be. You could also read the book ” Feeling Good” by David. D. Burns, M.D. This book could get you motivated towards action and work.


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