I read in several books (Zen books) that Zen Meditation can change you in a better way , that things who were not happening to you in the past start coming out of the sun the good luck comes. Basically your life gets better. I read in some yoga and Zen books that the one who meditate deeply several hours per day can even reach a level kindness close to sainthood.
I don’t remember that yogi name but he became also like a God and was able to do miracles etc.. So how far can all that meditation leads us?? Thanks for your time.


  • meditation is the path that all those who seek to
    evolve beyond east enders and the soap world take
    so give it a go may be it is not for you
    you may be a bakti and the path of love fits your path
    better and yoga is another path you are the decieding
    point so try one and see which suits you

  • yes. most modern books on meditation sound nice but are not very helpful in showing how to achieve those ideal states they describe.

  • roland! every path leads towards SELF REALIZATION -divinized life…higher consciousness , provided u r well aware that which path is suitable for u. i mean path depends on ur past accummulation of some particular spiritual practices. so u need a spiritual master to guide u according to ur inner potentiality..why donot u try SELF AWARENESS MEDITATION…it is very simple u can start just on focussing ur in-coming/ out- going breath..gradually u will find ur mind calm, quiet, well composed..just try every day for 15- minutes and experience the changes. u can write me;maaprabuddhananda@yahoo.co.in

    swami maa

  • Any meditation is good and can be constructive. It’s not the act alone that strengthens the body & soul. It’s what occurs when performing the act; meditation. That, like prayer, can permit you to organize, put into order and clarify your thoughts and concerns.

  • Yes it can change you. The longer you are doing it the more you change, you change the way you feel, think, act and believe. Meditation can lead us any where we chose, that’s whats so cool about it. It will change everything you know or think you know. And the best part is you don’t have to leave your home to do this!

  • Isn’t it even more amazing that we can write so much about an imaginary god? Maybe he is imaginary or beter yet He’s dead. again. There’s nothing in the book about Jesus dying again so we don’t have to during this age or any other He’s like eternal or something. He exists not in our belief box but in our eternity box. Everbody has one. Come on you know its true. I’ll tell Him to kiss you.

  • Namaste,

    Yes I think meditation generally can change a person in a good one. That is what Buddha Shakyamuni teached us. Thanks meditation we can generate compassion, good minds and right thinking. The way of Buddha may enlighten all.

  • i don’t know all about zen meditation, but just about any kind of meditation can help you release stress and be more relaxed,and for some, that makes them better people. it just depends if it makes you feel better or not.

  • Yes, mind is purified of negativity during a productive meditation session as it is polished clear like a mirror, and negative traits can thus be identified and conquered more easily than without meditation.

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