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Do you believe that your consciousness is more than neurons, synapses, neurotransmitters, etc? How so?

Also, if it were demonstrated that other highly advanced animals — say dolphins, elephants, or chimpanzees — had similar levels of consciousness, how would you react?
Ok, I want you to *explain* how it is more. Where does the more come from? Does it apply to other animals?


  1. But that’s the beauty isn’t it! It’s all that grey matter that allows us to think and b aware. The complexity of cells engenders intelligence and sentience.
    Research has shown that elephants are conscious of themselves and their families. They communicate through ultra low frequency calls. Very social animals. Dolphins are also exceptionally aware of their surroundings and each other…

  2. YES I DO
    many animals including us seem to have significant abilities, but what are ours i mean all we use is 1 muscle being our brain to think,etc,& then where does that consciuosness of ours belong?? How does it really work ,Is there a manual available??

  3. Certainly,I believe also in a universal consciousness outside the brain,showing and teaching us much knowledge.As far as the animals,i am not egotistical,so it would not bother me one bit.It would just show how wrong we where and egotistical many where

  4. Yes, but I don’t think “consciousness” is exactly the right term, (not that I have a better one) but, in a spiritual sense, i don’t think science has come up with a manner of examining, much less defining, alot of documented supernatural phenomena…Like the positive effects of prayer for the sick..

  5. it all comes down to instinct. i work around dolphins 5 days a wk. the one thing i notice about their behavior, its all instinct. they have their own personalities, their own behaviors. in fact each one is recognize by their own distinctive pattern. you actually know who you are looking at and what to expect of them. it’s strange but enlightening. each one has their own “life” and patterns. and the state of your mind, has a lot of what it has to do with them , receiving you as a person.


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