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Do you believe that you can be raped by either a succubus or an incubus?

Just the nightmares i have are leading to this, want some real opinions, sound funny to ask but it can happen to men too.


  1. normally only people that had this experience asks this question,so???????it is possible but only if a person allows it in his spiritual side.this usually happens when a person has an intense need for sexual satisfaction,so when a persons guard is at its lowest this will happen.when you are sleeping your mind goes into a type of hypnosis and is vulnerable so your total psyche is susceptible to happenings like this.it is a demonic force that does this,the meaning of incubus or succubus is actually having sex with a male or female demon.however God protects us from things like this,but if you are living a life far away from God you are like an rabbit walking between lions waiting to be eaten.

  2. No. But very severe dementia can lead to all kinds of lapses in perception of reality. Your dreams could either be a fear or a strong feeling of violation deep within your subconscious.

  3. Incubus’s and Succubi are both forms of demons who date back to vampire folklore. I suppose if they did exist the legends speak of Those who can seduce young women or young men they would feed on their prey by taking them to bed and then kill them. So if there is such a creature I think rape is the last thing on their mind. Try more along the lines of being killed in the process.

  4. Yes you can. I have been raped by a succubus on 4 occasions The last time was Sunday night. When I realized what was happening, I told myself to wake up. Then I realized I wasn’t asleep. The attacked happened for another 30 seconds to a minute after I realized I was awake. Talk about being scared to death.

  5. Only humans can physically rape other humans. Of course, a malevolent spirit can manifest in a willing human to entice that human to carry out the violent act but Incubus and sucubus are solely spiritual manifestations and can appear in dreams or in reduced consciousness states when sexual fear/desire/trauma or all of these things are playing on someone’s mind; but the aggressive, physical act of rape is solely a human transgression. Sometimes the mind can trick us into believing that which is easier than the truth. In other words, if someone has been raped by a person who lives with them, they may believe a ‘spirit’ visited them in the night. What’s easier, to face the truth that someone you thought you loved and trusted could do such a thing or to believe that you have a spirit haunting you? Surprisingly, for some it’s the latter.


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