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Do you believe that witch can fly by means of broom during the evening before all saints day?

If the witch can fly by means of broom why she did not wearing underwear?


  1. I just do not want to see your broom double-parked, buddy. And if you are gonna park it in the handicapped space don’t be surprised if you get a ticket. No excuse if you say you’re learning disabled.

  2. The only way a witch can fly is in an air plane. As far as to whether she is wearing underwear, I can think of NOTHING that concerns or interests me less.

  3. Witches do not fly on brooms dear. And if I could, I would certainly be dressed for the weather!
    One of the origins of the flying on brooms idea comes from old farming folklore. Folks beleived once their crops were planted, they needed to “sweep” away any stagnant energies above them to allow them to grow. They would take their brooms and hold them a couple inches above the soil and sweep at the air. (This sort of symbolic space cleansing is used by some witches still today.)
    After “sweeping” over the crops – one would straddle their broom and jump as high as they could in the air. It was believed that as high as they could jump would be as high as their crops would grow. Now, to any passerby on these old country roads that was not familiar with this custom, seeing these folks straddling brooms and jumping up & down in fields, it may appear as if they were trying to take off and fly.


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