• I made a bet with myself the the bulk of your responses would be in essence “My guy’s right, the others are wrong!”, with a side-bet that most of those would be Jesus supporters. Now if I can only get the welcher to pay up…

  • No.

    No other person or being is required other than Jesus, the incarnation of God.

    Without study all three religion, and having a spiritual understanding of the love of God, via Jesus – you can only lead to the conclusion as per your statement.

    Jesus delivered the message of Love.
    Muhammed delivered a message of War.
    Buddha delivered a message of self within.

    What’s wrong is not the translations, but your lack of understanding each individual religion.

  • I believe what Jesus Christ said was “right”, what these others said is false. I believe that there is no translation problem and I am not a Bahai. Your beliefs indicate that you follow the Bahai faith, am I right?

  • Yep. If you get rid of everything that OTHER people said they said, and you get rid of speculations about heaven, hell, gods, afterlives, etc., then what you have left is this: What is hateful to you, don’t do to others. We should all try to live by that, and let the rest of the metaphysical stuff take care of itself.

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