Do you believe that using GOD's name in vain creates negative energy and only evil can use this energy. 911?

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Sound is energy, check out a MIchigan State game, the stadium vibrates with positave energy when the spartans score. Proof is when a jet breaks the sound barrier a very loud “boom” is heard and felt. So using GOD’s name in vain can only create negative energy and GOD is pure so IT/HE/SHE can’t use it. Good people can’t use it. So 911 people can and whatever is left over forces nature to use it such as “Katrina”. Americans are the worst offenders and it’s because Hollywood movies constantly script the words using GOD to damn something (GOD BLESS, GOD BLESS)..

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No, that is absurd.

The Resurrectionist

“Proof is when a jet breaks the sound barrier a very loud “boom” is heard and felt. So using GOD’s name in vain can only create negative energy and GOD is pure so IT/HE/SHE can’t use it.”
*blink* *blink* Please do describe to me how a sonic boom in any way “proves” this imaginary negative energy.
” From: Manamo
Subject: NEGATIVE ENERGY From words.
Message: A sonic boom is not proof of any thing to do with GOD, it proves that sound is energy and there are only 2 types of energy, Positive or Negative so you decide which energy is created when using GOD’s name in vain. Has to be one of the two, there are no other choices, sound is energy, all sound, no mater how it is created. If someone yells at you for doing something they didn’t like, whatever the reason, does it make you feel better or worse? Good or bad, right or wrong, etc.? All I am saying is that all sound is energy and that energy can only be positive or negative. By the way, a sonic boom is negative energy that is why no commercial planes fly over America past the speed of sound. I used this example because it is not just heard it is also felt, expecially to the ears. Thanks for you interest and time. ”
No… just no. There is no such thing as positive and negative energy unless we’re talking about battery terminals. That’s just ridiculous.
” From: Manamo
Subject: PLEASE answer the question.
Message: You gave me your opinion and I can respect that but answer the question, “if someone yells at you how do you feel? If you say “nothing” then my OPINION is that you are a robot. ”
I’ve already answered. No, this does not exist. If you don’t want an answer that contains an opinion, perhaps you shouldn’t ask a question that begins with “Do you believe that…” ehh?

♥ Dolly ♥



….I know those are all sentences, comprised of words…but beyond that…..*blink, blink*….


There is a lot of truth to what you are saying. Genesis describes God as Light and Love (energy) I do believe we are all energetically connected. When you walk into a room and everyone is upset you can feel the negative energy and it is sure to affect your mood. I do believe negative thoughts and words do transmit into the environment. The only thing I differ on is that I do believe God can use negative energy. He is pure and all good, keep in mind he is all powerful-He created the energy. I believe his grace can purify it. He makes good out of bad all the time. It is possible that negative energy has something to do with natural disasters and evil?? But above all matter is the creator of matter and his will, will always prevail.

Rachel G

Okay, Mr. Know-it-All…explain to me what “negative energy” is…This has to be the silliest premise I’ve heard in a long time.


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