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Do you believe that the subconscious mind holds the key to working with imaginative forces in your life?


  1. The subconscious was acknowledge by Freud as being nothing more than a metaphor.
    The subconscious is only that which we have not focused attention on. Unfortunately, this ‘thing’ has taken on a life of its own.
    I can deny anything and then we can simply attribute it to my subconscious thereby removing any control or responsibility.

  2. yes the subconscious mind holds the real driving force behind us. gift from God,and with our determination through imaginative vision can unlock the magical doors of redemption with the keys of destiny. to release us to our heavenly glory.and rewards which we have earned by leading the fight again,st evil.

  3. No. It holds the key to being UNABLE to create what is valuable and real, i.e. expressing what is true about you through connecting to the intuitive Self.
    The imagination is not subconscious like buried beliefs, but a flow state of being connected with ‘the All.’ It is a state of full consciousness.


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