Do you believe that the Knights Templar were followers of the occult or Warriors of God?

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The Knights Templar were and are followers of the occult.

Aya Rose

Why can’t you be both?

Dawn W

They where the keepers, for atime.

Andymcj78 (Atheist)

They would never be convicted of any malpractice in a court of law but the King of France made sure he vilified them in order to seize their asets.

What's up Doc?

They were Catholic extremist.

Toby D

It’s impossible to say. They were betrayed and wiped out by the church due to jealousy, and financial envy. The church has since then distorted history in order to make them look bad. No one can know with any accuracy what the truth of the matter is.


aka Freemasons. They are a cult, but tehre are numerous levels in the hierachy, you have to be at the final stage to fully understand what they are all about. The org has 2 layers, the good which most people fall for and or beleive. The latter is a bit Satanic. But my opinion is simply mine. I used to read a lot about them.

1-20-09 last day of the USA

i don’t know i wasn’t there


Before or after the (first) crusade. Before, they were soldiers and after – is anybodies guess. They came back with so much knowledge and wisdom (not riches) that they started most modern day travel organizations. Letters of credit, passes, holiday inns, protection services, travel arrangements, too many too list. And because of that 500plus got killed on Friday the 13th. Jealousy & Fear.


They were and still are the keepers of secrets concerning what really happened in the life of Jesus Christ. The Vatican are still fearful that these secrets make the light of day from the vaults under their basilica in Rome. As the Templars are now a branch of Freemasonry we are unlikely to hear the truth from them as they are bound by secrecy themselves.

Scarlet angel of beauty & purity

Knights who became victims of sleazy King Philip IV of France.

Deryk H

back in those days siflus causes psychosis cant believe in old stories with no solid evidence knights where gaurds for royal families and priest were there to confuse people warriors of god are not not human pretty much untouchable to even meet would be unlikely as jehovah would permis it as he does not let the devil in your back door he wont let humanity fight along side his army because in the bible it says it is when the 1st generation that saw ww1 passes away gods army will reign down on sinners and bring back people like my great great grandad except animals I THINK NOT ONLY THE TWELVE APOSSU;ES


Just as everything in the world everything gets corrupted with time. No one can honestly compare the Christian church to that started by the 12 in Jesus’ day.
I say the Knights templar were Ok at first,but being the first bankers in the world,doing money laundering.The finaces and wealth they accrued in the process,added to their immense military might and courting of the most powerful royalties in the land.were all a corrupting influence on them over time.So no one can know for certain if their own wealth,feeling of indespensibility and mystical self importance got to their heads
It’s the same with the church now and the “prosperity’ gospel’ pentecostals
One things for certain ,it’s alleged that Jaques de Molay (the templar leader) cursed Philip IV and Clement V (the pope) at the stake and said God would call them to account within the year.Sure enough both were dead within the year
Devil’s practical joke or God’s genuine wrath?? Go figure

Pastor WINthrop


Father Ted Crilly

That would be an ecumenical matter

alan h

They set off with good motives, but became more corrupt over the years.


There is no secret reagarding Jesus life. If you want to know aobut him read the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran.
Knight Templars practiced Kabala and numerology. a form of Black Magic.. and their followers, the Fremasons, keep doing it today.


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