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Do you believe that the astral composite chart or synastry of a couple is always true?

I wonder if you believe that the planet positions in a synastry between two people always have the answers for the outcome or a relationship. Does having hard aspects always lead to unhappy endings?


  1. Sure, let an ancient, made-up, unproved, and bigoted concept control all your life decisions. There is no evidence that astrology does anything that it claims to do. Try believing in yourself first and don’t let others choose your relationships.
    If it’s not science, it’s superstition.

  2. I believe that the relationship charts show what will happen in a relationship, possibly indicating lots of problems, but it’s how the individuals act in the relationship that actually determine if the relationship works out. It’s all about working out differences and understanding each other based on the differences between signs and whatnot. (:

  3. Astrology is a guidance in your life; It tells about the +ve and the -ve characteristics of a person; All one need is an understanding; Astrology is a science or not is a big debate and no one can prove that it is not a practicing science or profession; mistakes and failure would occurs in all the fields for that matter, no Professional can guarantee 100% result always.
    It is you should take the guidance and then choose whether to take a person as your life partner or not. For example if the Horoscope analysis says progeny will be an issue; you can still choose that partner provided you have an mind set of adopting a child. That’s it.
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    All the best

  4. Yes I believe in them.
    You should use them as a guidance and work at your relationships’ problems and improve the positives.


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