Do you believe that the ability to find joy in the most simple things could lead to a utopian society?

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Like we learn like the ascended spiritual masters that to find joy in the most simple things and meditate and open our chakras world wide and work to advance humanity spiritually and divorce ourself from the unhealthy toxic western society of material without spiritual and learn to balance material and spiritual things ascend the goddess Kundalini Shakti with in ourselves and learn to become one with nature and our natural selves, and realize that what we have built for ourselves in the west is futile and against nature.

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Michael K

It takes much more than finding joy to make a utopian society.


It is one of the ways, yes.
It’s important not to restrict ourselves however, that mistake has been made too many times.

vash sunglasses ~Catholic~

No. Some people feel joy from hurting other people.

Doctor Bung And His Cat Tiddles

No. A cup of tea is nice, but it can’t cure cancer. Utopia is that place where all can enjoy serenity. This won’t be achieved until humanity is united in its pursuit.

Arrogant Bastard Ale (Oneeye)

I don’t believe in Utopian societies.


You are on the right track but it is much more simple than that. : )


It would certainly help, but it would also take a great deal more than that. An appreciation for simple things, for example, does not equate willingness to cooperate with others.
Meditation has many benefits and, if my sources are correct, has been proven to boost positive and neutral emotion, while calming or temporarily eradicating negative emotion. I’m not buying so much into the chakra concept, or into the existence of goddesses, for that matter. That being said, I’m all for respecting and getting more in tune with nature.
Edit – I agree with Doctor Bung And His Cat Tiddles completely.


Beloved, this is an awesome question and example of how the Truth can be found in all things. In Truth (in Christ) there is nothing but joy, love, and life. The “materialism” is a part of the many lies born within our own minds but the way out of the lies is through the Truth into life once again as we all died so many years ago. Thank you for this question, your eyes are definitely opening 😉 May the grace of our Father, the Almighty and Most High God be with you! Love – D


No, because because finding joy cannot be achieved without higher consciousness.
Despite what you say about the West, most of the advances and insights in human consciousness has been made possible because of the West. You yourself need to heighten your consciousness, rather than put down what you don’t know. It will take the best aspects of both East and West to form thinking towards enlightenment that will heighten human consciousness

Deep Emotional Male

Very nicely said because of Christianity in the west they in general have little knowledge of the kundalini.


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