Home Discussion Forum Do you believe that telepathy is possible?

Do you believe that telepathy is possible?

I heard that your brain only uses 30% of it’s capacity, so who knows what it’s capable of.
People think that it may be possible with twins, siblings, family, or even close friends.
Do you think it’s true? If so, why?


  1. Yes, it has been known about forever. I think anyone can do it if they are open minded and train themselves to do it.

  2. i think it is possible. because if its a sibling, you have the same genes as them, wich could mean a very similar brain, with could lead to similar thoughts and responses.

  3. I do not think it will happen in the near future. However, I believe that there will eventually be telepathy. This may occur randomly or there may be technology to amplify brainwaves.

  4. Actually it’s 10% and I think telapathy is possible because if we only use 10% of our brains and we can make i-pods and touch screens, imagine what we could do if we were able to use all of our brain power.
    Family bonds run deep, and as they say, blood is thicker than water. Sometimes I feel like my mom can read my mind. I don’t think that’s “telepathy”, just people who know each other really well.

  5. The ides that we only use 30% of our brain capacity is a very common misconception. It could be true, but I don’t know. I remain quite sceptical, but very open minded to the possibility.

  6. First, we use 100% of our brains. If you used 30% you would have a serious health problem or even be dead.
    Telepathy is not exactly a question of belief, but it is necessary for you to define what exactly is telepathy in your understanding. Does Telepathy to you mean transmission of thoughts and feelings? If it is, then it does exist and it is proven to exist. the mechanism is not well understood, but it is known that the people more close to you will be more likely to transmit information.
    You can do an experiment with a deck of cards. Get a person you love(might be a friend) to shuffle a deck of cards and then look at one at a time and you try to guess exactly which card it is. In the end measure the average of cards shown and of correct guesses. Try not to think about it. Use the method “just do it” when guessing. If the guesses are above 30% then it is a low, but nice indication that some transmission might be occurring.
    The process in this experiment is about reading the other person subconsciously, it is not that strange when you think about it. It is just a question of reading their approval or disapproval when you hit or miss, your nervous system will then try to optimize the results.

  7. Yes b/c I’ve experienced it. Prob. Is I can’t control it but when it happens it amazes everyone I know.
    Carl Jung did a lot of work with mass consciousness and human archetypes. I believe it is related somehow to that

  8. Yes. Leviticus is right about using all our brains and no telepathy under controlled conditions, but, telepathy falls under paranormal because it IS uncontrolled! I’ve woken my brother out of a sound sleep merely by thinking about him-he thought I had summoned him. Twilight Zone. As for precognition, I like to believe everything in the future hasn’t happened yet. But, a few years ago I dreamed a newspaper headline a few months before the event happened, and the wording and placement of the headline of the actual event was identical-even the date! I don’t consider myself psychic, but stuff happens. We live on a strange and wonderful world.


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