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Do you believe that telepathy exists?


  1. Yes. It would be difficult to know whether its telepathy or a premonition.
    Recently, I was riding with my mother and brother in a car, which I looked at the moon and said “It looks like a full moon”.
    Then I thought in my head, “What if the moon all of a sudden blew up.”. I then said it out loud to get an amusing reaction and my mom freaked out because she was thinking the same thing like I was going to say those exact same words.
    It was a pretty random statement I made, so what are the chances? Was it coincidence, telepathy, or did she have a premonition?
    Things like this tend to happen often around me.

  2. Yes, but not in the direct sense. You see many years ago when I first met my wife, I instantly knew what she was thinking about just by looking at her & she knew exactly what I was thinking about just by looking at me. An example is the very first time I seen her on a beach from a distance with her friend when she was sun baking, I stared at her & knew straight away what she was thinking, even though we had not communicated in any way. Its funny, but in our relationship, we don’t have to talk to each other, we only have to look into each others eyes to get an answer. How this type of telepathy works I don’t know, but it might have something to do with being “totally” compatible with your partner & understanding their every expression & body movement. Whether there is another direct way of reading someones mind & communicating with them using technology I am not so sure about, but if there was, it would create major ethical problems with regards to invasion of privacy, particularly when a person is being “scanned” unknowingly. But to answer your very interesting question, yes, telepathy does exist, at least in my wife’s & my case anyway. Good luck !

  3. “Extraordinary Knowing,” Dr. Elizabeth Mayer,
    “PK Man,” Mishlove, Ph.D.,
    “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi,
    “Life before Life,” Jim Tucker, M.D.,
    “Babies Remember Birth,” David Chamberlain, Ph.D.,
    “The Masters and Their Retreats,” Mark Prophet,
    “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton,
    “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, Free and Wilcock, and
    “The Soul Genome,” Paul Von Ward, are more or less related to your question 🙂

  4. Depends if you want confirmation of your belief, or the truth.
    The truth is that no-one ever anywhere has managed to demonstrate any telepathic abilities whatever.
    If you can do so, you can win one million dollars from the Randi challenge, or if you don’t want to go for that, you’d be worth instant millions from any government or multinational organisation. Hell, I’ll employ you myself for 200,000 dollars per year.

  5. No, I don’t accept the existence of telepathy as a fact. Telepathy, or ESP or remote viewing, has quite a bit of history behind it, but my review of all the literature and reports doesn’t seem to confirm its existence, in my analysis.

  6. I knew you were going to ask this question just a couple of days ago. Just kidding, but seriously you experience a form of telepathy all the time. Indeed telepathy does exist in the form of what is called body language.

  7. I believe that it exists, but I doubt if any human being so far is totally telepathic, and the ability to read body language is part of it, as well as empathy. If they don’t develop the ability to shield themselves, they’d go insane pretty quickly. How did I know when my father died at 1:25 am January 20, 1996? I was more than 650 miles away.

  8. Yes. Or something like it.
    My best mates grandfather was very ill in hospital. He was old, very senile and dying of cancer. The younger brother of my best friends grandfather was living in Germany. He was old too but healthier and not senile. Then he had a sudden heart attack and died. Back in England, the grandfather of my friend wasnt told about it. But a few minutes after his brother died, he got up and made to walk out of the hospital. He said that he needed to got to his brothers funeral.


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