HomeDiscussion ForumDo you believe that telepathy exists or is it just a coincident?

Do you believe that telepathy exists or is it just a coincident?


  1. I believe we aren’t advanced enough to be able to know the answers to that :O Our technology and science isn’t to a level where we can fully research and test it.

  2. well it cant be a coincidence. telepathy is PURPOSLY telling someone something to their mind and the other person will hear it. and i dont think it is real

  3. There are two schools of thought on telepathy…
    The first one is the radio wave theory.
    According to this theory, telepathy works like radio waves. People often speak of “vibes” as though there were telepathic “brain waves” going from one person to another.
    The problem with this theory is that if there were some kind of wave, we ought to be able to detect it coming from people’s brains. But we cannot. The brain’s electrical activity can be detected at best only a few centimeters away from the skull.
    There would also need to be a “vibes” transmitter in one brain and a “vibes” receiver in the other brain. No sign of either has ever been detected in any human brain. Also, the strength of the “signal” ought to decay with distance. But it seems that it does not.
    The second is the Timeless/ Spaceless Psychic Field theory.
    According to this idea, there is some unknown “psychic field” in which the impressions of every thought are stored for all time.
    Telepathy involves somehow picking up these “vibes” from this psychic field.
    Scientists have attempted to obtain evidence for telepathy. A pioneer in this effort was Joseph Banks Rhine of Duke University.
    In 1927, Rhine began conducting what are still considered the most famous experiments in this area.
    Rhine tested hundreds of people using cards specially designed by his colleague, Karl Zener. These so-called “ESP cards” consisted of a deck of 25 cards, five each with one of five figures on its face (a star, a cross, a square, a circle, or three wavy lines).
    After the cards were shuffled, subjects attempted to correctly guess the figure on the card after the figure was mentally “sent” to them by a person looking at it. The number of correct responses was then compared to chance. Through years of experiments, neither “senders” nor “receivers” of telepathic messages were ever discovered to be performing beyond chance.
    Hence the verdict: Telepathy doesn’t exist.

  4. I believe it exists, for it to work though I believe you and someone willing to par take have to be very open minded, clear your mind of everything and all distractions and your concentration level to be at it’s highest. I have tried it and been successful on quite a few occasions.

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