Do you believe that telepathy and deja vu is real?

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I get a feeling that certain things have happened to me before in a different place and time when I am confronted with it. I have either done it, heard it or said it before. Are this “characteristics” true to our lives?

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Hi Amiriquoi
Short answers: “No” and “Yes”.
But they aren’t related, as you seem to be suggesting.
“Telepathy” is the hypothetical ability to somehow “read” someone else’s mind. “Deja vu”, as you rightly say, is the feeling that what is happening to you now has happened before.
We cannot tell for sure what causes deja vu, though we do know that very mild epileptic episodes can cause someone to feel they just experienced deja vu.
The problem is, you can’t just stick someones head in a brain scanner and order them to experience deja vu. In fact for most of us, genuine deja vu (as compared to just having two genuinely very similar experiences, as Not gh3y suggested) is a very rare experience.
Here’s one possible explanation:
Sensory messages coming into the brain are actually duplicated, and each copy goes a different route. But one route is slow, and one route is faster.
Most times the slower version of a message still gets processed quickly enough that we recognise we’re get two copies of the same message.
Occasionally one copy gets slowed down to such an extent that it doesn’t reach the processing area until the other copy has been completely processed. Even though the delay may be very short in actual time, in such a situation the brain may be fooled into thinking it is getting messages about two separate events – which happen to be exactly alike.
Depending on how long the message is, we might even remember “what comes next” before we’ve finished processing the second copy of the message. Which is likely to make us even more convinced that “it has all happened before, just as it’s happening now.”
If this is true, then thinking that these events have happened before, but in different circumstances, is probably just your way of trying to make sense of the experience, because you know how unlikely it is that you will have really done exactly the same thing twice in quick succession.

not gh3y

I don’t believe so.
I think the apparent instances of deja vu that happen to all of us is more a result of life becoming formulaic, repetitive, and predictable. In other words, the mundane events in your day-to-day life probably happen, more or less, exactly the same way every day. Perhaps the players or objects involved are slightly different.
Personally, I’ve found that situations and scenarios trip my sense of “Whoa! Deja vu…” more than the presence of specific people or things.
Fun topic for discussion…

The Great Walrus

To a certain extent, yes.


we are made up of each of our parents genes.half of us our mom and the other half our dad.Every thing is made up of molecules and molecules have memory of the molecules they came from.Your body is made up of all these molecules apon molecules all having memory of those before them from which you came.So your memory synapses can go as far back as the begining of your family line including all they have experienced


You know what vuja de is, don’t you? It’s the feeling that this has never happened before.


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