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Do you believe that stones and vegetables have a consciousness?

“Nature taken in its abstract sense, cannot be ‘unconscious’, as it is the emanation from, and thus an aspect (on the manifested plane) of the Absolute consciousness. Where is that daring man who would presume to deny to vegetation and even to minerals a consciousness of their own? All he can say is, that this consciousness is beyond his comprehension.” H.P.Blavatsky


  1. H.P.B. is a crazy woman who makes assertions without evidence.
    No, they don’t have a consciousness. There is no universal consciousness. Stones aren’t even alive. Vegetables are living, but do not have a brain nor a consciousness.
    Get real, guys. Stop living in a fairy tale.

  2. My dear friend, allow it to happen to you
    dont be affraid, you know enough to let it be
    let it be and you will get all the answers,
    seek your own path, in that manner you will own your own truths
    there will be people guiding you, cause I know its just around the corner for you, dont prolong it further,
    know what im talking about ?

  3. No. According to psychology, consciousness is being aware that you exist. Since even the majority of animals don’t know they exist (they can’t recognize themselves in a mirror), it is safe to say a rock isn’t self-aware either.

  4. Gee – Who said “with gods help anything is possible”
    If people can believe in god – why can’t they believe this?

  5. I do not believe that they are possessed of an ego, the kind, or level of consciousness I have.
    If I am going to prune a fruit tree, for instance, I ask it’s permission beforehand. To me it’s a simple courtesy. If I am going to move a stone in the garden, I do not ask it’s opinion, but I remain mindful of the fact, nonetheless, that it too resonates with an energy, a life, as I do.
    I don’t anthropomorphise Nature, but I do try to be respectful of it, a good neighbour, if not a good citizen of the Universe that it and I share.

  6. Consciousness implies a certain amount of awareness and responsiveness to outside stimuli. Stones are not living organisms, so they cannot be conscious. Plants are alive, but they have no real awareness, so they aren’t conscious either. Some plants seem to be aware of their surroundings (like sunflowers turning towards the sun, or venus fly traps eating flies), but those are reflexes and not conscious reactions.
    This is also why a person can be ‘unconscious’. People have a consciousness, but in certain states (sleep, coma, knocked out, etc) that consciousness is effectively ‘switched off’.

  7. I have considered this question many times, as it does seem bewildering if you do not understand the concept of the construction of living and non-living things.
    Vegetation contain cells and tissues only. Consciousness comes from the make up of a brain, which is an organ of the body. The most intricate organ of the body other than the heart. Since plant life does not develop beyond the simple tissue needed for photosynthesis to take place, no organs are developed within the plant itself. Cells make tissues that make muscles and organs. Since a plant has a simple cellular composition it is impossible for them to be conscious.
    A rock is made up of a composite of minerals. It is not living at any point which means no cells exist, and it will never gain a living or conscious state.
    Hope this helps

  8. If it is true that part of who you are is your what you are aware of, then these objects are part of you by your consciousness of them. But what is left for the unconscious, what is left for ignorance.

  9. There are three levels or kingdoms in the physical realm.
    The plant kingdom. This has growth life but not soul (breath) life or spirit life. Therefore it does not have consciousness because that is in the breath life category.
    The animal kingdom. This has growth life and breath life but not spirit life.
    Kingdom of Man. This has growth life and breath life. It had spirit life until adam fell, but Christ died to make that spirit life available to all who choose to accept it.


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