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Do you believe that stones and plants have a consciousness?

“Nature taken in its abstract sense, cannot be ‘unconscious’, as it is the emanation from, and thus an aspect (on the manifested plane) of the Absolute consciousness. Where is that daring man who would presume to deny to vegetation and even to minerals a consciousness of their own? All he can say is, that this consciousness is beyond his comprehension.” H.P.Blavatsky


  1. I do agree with your citation that plants may have some kind of consciousness,they are living entities as for stones it is possible but I have more doubts.

  2. I believe plants have some form of sentience, as they are living creatures. Rocks may have a very minor form of sentience, even though science points to rocks not having the essentials for being a living creature.
    Who’s to say everything isn’t sentient? We must take precautions and test out such a grandiose hypothesis before assuming the extreme.

  3. Blavatsky was a poser.
    The question isn’t about stones and plants. The question is, do YOU have consciousness?.
    Can you remember yourself? Try it. See if you can read these words, while at the same time being intentionally AWARE of yourself reading these words. Sitting at your computer. You might be able to do it for a few seconds…but then something will distract you. Something interior or exterior. It doesn’t matter.
    You cannot remain conscious. So 99.9999999% of the time, you’re not conscious.
    Blavatsky was all smoke and mirrors. She TALKED a good fight…but that was about all…

  4. Stones have the basest consciousness, humans have the highest.
    A stone’s consciousness is confined and yearns to liberate itself, so over a period of time it is transformed into a minute organism and there onwards it evolves gradually into a human, in a series of births. Ironically, in turn, according to the ‘unbecoming’ thought process and actions, the intellectual human would be transmuted into a stone, in a series of devolution through a cycle of retrograding births.
    The frequency of normal human consciousness won’t match with that of the stone. Humans can achieve universal consciousness by practice of Yoga. Ethical living is the first step to practice Yoga by which human becomes superhuman. A superhuman can perceive the consciousness of the animate and inanimate.

  5. Consciousness is nothing more than a complex series of interactions between matter and energy. Stones and Plants would have a very limited “consciousness” that lacks self-awareness or reasoning. Stones would be limited to the interactions of itself with other objects, while plants would have a slightly more complex “consciousness” due to their organic, constantly-changing nature. They also interact with nature to meet their own needs.
    A Venus Flytrap is a good example of a plant exhibiting awareness. It has sensors within it’s trap to detect movement. It can determine the difference between something inedible such as wind, water, or debris, and something edible like an insect. It is capable of “feeling” and “analyzing” external stimuli. However, the consciousness of a plant in no way could be compared to the consciousness derived from a network of neurons, especially in comparison to the human brain.

  6. everything has a conciousness even earth itself, conciousness is what creates all space and matter, without it nothing could be.


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