Do you believe that sleep paralysis is normal or it is something spiritual?

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I sometimes get sleep paralysis and every single time I feel an evil presence.

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it’s biology not evil spirits.


It’s totally normal. In fact, “feeling a presence” is one of the normal things you can experience during one. I’ve had many episodes of sleep paralysis; there’s nothing spiritual or “demonic” about them.


It is a physical condition. Nothing to do with anything spiritual. You undoubtedly feel an evil presence because waking up unable to move isn’t what most people would consider “natural” and is probably very scary.


They say when we return to our body after spirit travel during sleep. It can create
a feeling of paralysis. I also think that if a spirit gets near our body, or touches it, our body will react with fear. That means it might not “always” be a negative entity that
has woke your spirit up!


Yeah I experience it all the time, I’ve seen visions and have even been touched and slapped. Doctors say its due to stress or tiredness. I don’t know what the causes can be but i’ve gotten used to it.


There are four symptoms in Narcolepsy and people may have one or more of them, Sleep paralysis is one of the four, but hallucinations is a second one and you may have a touch of that second one which will leave you feeling like something has been there. It is a completely normal thing and can easily be controlled by drugs.
Narcolepsy is fairly rare and many doctors are not really up on it since it is only in the last 20 years or so that research has given us a little understanding of it. You will probably need to get a specialists if you want good answers. Most people never go to a doctor because if you only get sleep paralysis, you can just live with it for the rest of your life. It is scary but once you know what it is you can actually have fun with it, trying to wake up and move your little finger etc.
When you go to sleep the mind drifts off first and then the body, when for some reason that is reversed and the body goes to sleep first you are fully conscious but your body is fully asleep. That is sleep paralysis which is part of an overall medical condition known as Narcolepisy.


It’s quite normal. The medical literature on the subject is full of descriptions of “hypnogogic hallucinations” – terror, feeling of “presences,” etc. It is equally well documented that no harm comes of it.


You associate it with something evil because it feels so scary. But there really is a physiological reason for it. When you are asleep, your body ‘paralyses’ itself.
But what can happen is that you begin to wake up just a little, perhaps because you’re too warm but your body has not yet woken. You become aware of this and it scares you and you try to fight it.
It just means you’re still really in sleep mode and not ready to wake up.
Try sleeping with a lighter duvet in a well ventilated room. This works for me.
It’s not an evil force. If it helps you remember you have to want evil for it to get to you. If you don’t want it then it can’t come. (This is if you believe there is a Satan).
Hope this helps.


It happens to me every once in a while. There is nothing supernatural about it. You body creates a chemical which shuts off the conscious motor function of your body. Some times you wake up before the body can stop making the chemical, the evil presence you feel is fear, it is a natural emotion when you are conscious and not able to move at the same time.


Sleep paralasys is fairly normal and well understood. That ‘feeling of evil’ is the effect being extended to the temporal lobe of your brain. Electrical or magentic stimulation of the temporal lobes is known to induce powerful and otherwise natural-looking religious or spiritual effects.
In short, yet again, nothing unusual, just something not well known.

zee zee

we are spirit beings having a human experience…. and when we sleep we visit the spiritual plains….,,you are special to be aware of things so strong when you are asleep…and the evil presence might be so……..keep your guardian spirit and Holy Spirit close with you.


It could sometimes be a an evil spirit.
What you must do is to call out the name of Jesus if not verbally, mentally do this continuously it will help when released pray to God to surround your room with angels. God Bless. love.


Question: So even when you literally see shadows or somebody standing at the end of your bed while your deceased father is whispering your name is normal? Or the feeling of something touching you, or right before the sleep paralysis you dream of a demon and wake up to the shadowy figure in your room and can’t move hear or speak jus watch him watch you?


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