Home Discussion Forum Do you believe that planetary motions and alignments affect human consciousness?

Do you believe that planetary motions and alignments affect human consciousness?

for instance, galactic energy and ranging gravitational pulls of stars, planets, and other matter, somehow having an effect upon the subconscious of human activity?


  1. No, everything is about energy. Our energy could be construed as minute as it doesn’t reach that far, nor do the 6-7 billion people on the planet. Wouldn’t that be a lot of energy ? No astrology for me. It was debunked..what two hundred years ago or more ? Einstein found no such influences.

  2. i study astrology just purely for fun, and becomes most major religions are formed off of it, and jesus was a sun god. so i use it to disprove religion.
    i will say much of my horoscope is shockingly spot on, but hey it could just be coincidence .

  3. No. The gravitational pull and energy put out by the doctor who delivered me was greater than that of the planets. Mars and Jupiter may be a lot bigger, but the obstetrician was a lot closer.

  4. Perhaps. My uncle used to be a doctor in a Psychiatric hospital and he said that things always got a little crazy (or, crazier, one of his favorite jokes) when there was a full moon, the screaming was louder, medication had to be forcibly given to patients more often, the patients made less sense and were more dangerous. He told me how he had been told of a theory that the moon not only controls the tides of the ocean, but also the liquid like chemical in the brain that is a bit like adrenaline, but more like a natural form of ecstasy that exists in every humans brain, and with people who are already Schizophrenic, or mentally damaged in some way, this can cause the same effects as someone high on drugs.

  5. I believe this is a possibility but if it is true i think you will not know until we meet other life form other planets to make a comparison. I feel our birth time and the relevant planetary alignments is not important. and that any effect is general not highly specific as the field of astrology attempt to beguile us into believing.
    The only thing i accept that could be relevant is which planet we are born on and the proximity to other planets so i think everyone on earth will be affected exactly the same – everyone is mainly ‘earthy’ with a bit of ‘moonness ‘ and perhaps a little of the effect of Venus ( whatever those planets add we do not know because we were all born on earth so we all have it )

  6. i believe so.
    it must be changing energy which changes the world that the humans are shown. this has effect on how they see the world and behave in it.

  7. Perhaps indirectly. The moon phases effect behavior. During a full moon phase there is more nervous energy and people ‘act up’ more. The police know this from personal experience. There are always extra police during the moon phase. During a new moon we have less energy and are more lethargic. This may be because we are made up of water and the gravity of the moon pulls on us. This affects behavior, which in turn could affect consciousness. Meteor showers and the planets in relation to the sun might also have some effects but it is harder to pinpoint whether this behavior is the result of planetary influences or something else. In general we are so interconnected that unless one piece of the mechanism goes missing, we will never notice what is turning what.

  8. Here we go! We have two factors in the spotlight. The first is “belief“.
    The second is “consciousness“ .
    Let me put it this way. If one believes that certains conditions will have an effect, then that in itself will cause a certain effect. When it comes to consciouness or awareness, there is either very little or none at all, or there is more. In this specific question, the questioner will either pay more attention to what is going on internally if the questioner believes that the answer is “ yes “, or…..if the questioner believes that the answer is “no“, then the outcome (answer) will be relatively no effect to the same degree of “no-ness“ in the belief.
    If the questioner does not have the slightest conscious clue as to the answer, then the unconscious will be the ruling faculty and may be determined by the choice of words and their placement in the sentence (question) as well as their habitual significances which are likely determined by habit in a tendency,, whatever it happens to be, positive or negative, active or passive, for example.
    In summary, the fact is relative to the individual`s creative force. The “yes`s“ will however tend to affect consciousness more, imo, because they require more effort and thusly more introspective and/or objective awareness while the “no`s“ are bound to be more mechanical. That does not guarantee much from the point of view of raw correctness, but again does it matter? Not if consciousness or awarenes is what is valued.


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