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Do you believe that people have higher mental abilities that have yet to manifest?

I’m talking about things like telepathy, telekinesis, healing yourself with the mind.


  1. Anything is possible. When we are born, we have the ability to speak, but not yet learned how. I guess it’s something we just have to learn!

  2. yes and no it depends on what level you are taking about I do not think that people can teleport them selves around the place. but there is some stuff I think could happen on some level or another. If I could heal myself with my mind that would just be great but I doubt I ever will be able too.

  3. Yes and no. I believe that our minds can do things that are physically possible. Telekinesis is not something that can naturally occur in physics. However, we have the ability to be way smarter than we all are now. Think about the idiot savants. They don’t learn things like we study to learn. They know. Somehow, they’ve tapped into knowledge that is innate. Some people have the ability to learn PI a few thousand places. That means human brains have that capability but must meet certain conditions. Those extreme people show that somehow it is possible to have higher mental abilities but being able to use it is another issue.

  4. People with photographic memories are evidence that humans do have higher mental abilities that the average person hasn’t been able to use.

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