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Do you believe that negative or positive energy stays in a physical place after the people have moved on?

Everyone with any kind of sensitivity feels SOMETHING in my house. We feel that our lives and thoughts are on a different level but it has taken years to change the feeling most people get. We don’t know the history in detail. It creeps us out sometimes though.
I’m not talking about Ghost here, just energy – spacial memory – that sort of thing.


  1. There’s many factors to this. There’s the physiological sense meaning the chemical reactions provolked forthwith and moreso the odors and bodily releases that have to do with that ordeal (smelling fear isn’t just a metaphor, but something to do with our physiological makeup) There’s the metaphysical sense in which string theory says that all things are energy, thus being that the negatively vibration that the energy possesses within you react within other energy portions within the same space but just upon a different plane so to speak, supposing to be the reason why people can feel weird in a room if someone died in it before them even if they never knew about that information until that point. And then there’s the psychological aspect of it which is simply the reaction to the thought of knowing a piece of information. For example say if someone told you there’d been a UFO sighting in a particular area, that you would feel differently if you had to go there at night or if someone said your house held a serial criminal there before who used to do terrible things and sort of from then on you kind of felt tendencies. That last one is similar to a placebo effect regarding medicine and yes, I do believe they’re all relevant in a sence to energy staying in a place after others have moved on.

  2. Absolutely. My husband’s family owns a house that used to have an old man and woman living in it. The old man has been dead for many years, and when his wife had to go to a nursing home, their family sold it, and my husband’s family bought it.
    It’s a really nice little house – a perfect little bungalow starter home, but I can’t get over the awful feelings that I experience when I go into it. Reportedly, the man molested his granddaughter in the home, and it’s all I can think about when I go there… especially near the bedrooms.
    I hate that so much (not just for the granddaughter) but because it’s a great house.
    I guess if I didn’t know the story before my husband’s family bought it, I’d never know the difference. I think in my case, it’s psychological — I know what went on there, it was evil, and I can’t think of the house any other way.


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