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Do you believe that miricles still happen today?

by heather s:

If u don’t let me tell u one that has just happened yesterday
My friends niece who is 8 went for tests about 2 months ago as she was very pale and had no energy. About a month and a half ago she went she got the news that everyone had been dredding that it was Lukemia. The doctors told her parents that it would be at least a year of Chemo before there was any hope of remission and after that she would still need a further 2 years to make sure of a complete cure.
In a month and a half there have been people all over the world praying for her to be healed, and yest we got the news that she was in remission, even the doctors have said they have seen nothing like it and it is nothing short of a miricle.
So if you think there is not a God and miricles don’t happen how do you explain this (and no the doctors did not make a mistake).
Na nothing to do with modern medicine sorry.
Na nothing to do with modern medicine sorry.
It is called the power of prayer. No she was not misdignosed she did have it, and that is in her medical notes.

Answer by A Warrior for Yahweh
It’s happening now.
I’m alive!
God bless


  1. Thank the doctors! Wow this is ridiculous.
    The medical world has been advancing at a surprisingly speedy rate. Bringing your neice into remission is testament to the hard work of those doctors and scientists that have discovered excellent ways of healing.

  2. I think your story is remarkable, and not unique. Truly, some people are given terminal diagnosis and then make a full recovery, utterly mystifying doctors. The thing is – we don’t know all there is about cancers or leukaemia – sometimes the body seems to have the astonishing trait of repairing itself in the most desperate of conditions.
    But no one can explain why certain prayers are so ineffective. For example – millions of people have prayed to stop famine in the third world, and it has no effect at all. 60,000 infants – incapable of sin – still die every single day due to malnutrition.
    I’m happy for you and your friend’s niece, but no I don’t think miracles have ever happened.

  3. yes
    plant a seed with right soil conditions, a seed will grow
    life is a miracle
    christians look for “parting of the red sea” and miss the daily miracles like childbirth, body healing itself, etc

  4. Miracles never did happen, and still don’t.
    These recoveries are even more common today than they ever were. The reason: MEDICINE.
    Edit: What about all those millions of cases where no cure was possible and the patient died despite many prayers. The answer is always: ‘Well, it was God loved him/her and wanted them to join him on heaven’.

  5. Let me know when an amputee grows back his limbs.
    Spontaneous Remissions do happen. There is a statistical probability of it happening, like winning Lotto. Someone has to be the lucky one, in this case it was your friends niece.
    Intercessional prayer has been studied using double-blind controlled experiments, and it was found that patients fared WORSE if they knew they were being prayed for!
    If the patient didn’t know they were being prayed for, the results were the same as for placebo.
    The ones getting medicine fared the best BY FAR.

  6. Obviously the doctors misdiagnosed (despite your assumption)
    Or this is all made up
    And if this was proof of divine intervention then it would be big news.

  7. Of course not.
    Prayer has been experimentally shown to not work more than the placebo effect. The problem with your story is that there was no control group to compare it to. People get better at certain rates and it only really matters if the rate goes up. Prayer doesn’t do that.

  8. It’s really genuinely great that she is well but I’m afraid it’s not a miracle. Such things do happen – statistically they have to. You should spare a thought for the many many thousands who are lost every day who have similar conditions and who have been prayed for – does what you say mean that the prayers for them weren’t good enough?
    There have been many studies exploring the benefits of prayer and you may be surprised to hear that every study has actually discovered that prayer has a detrimental effect if anything (those who knew they were being prayed for became more ill because of the pressure they felt, those who didn’t know they were being prayed for had statistically average recovery rates and those who knew they weren’t being prayed for had a higher than average recovery rate.)
    Please don’t fall into the trap of putting a happy recovery down to a supernatural agent – it’s insulting to those who do believe and take solace in that but who won’t recover.
    When the doctors said it was nothing short of a miracle – it’s very very unlikely they meant it in the sense that you understand the word ‘miracle’ by the way.

  9. It depends on your definition of a miracle, I’m a 66 year old alcoholic who drank for 50 years until I went into rehab in 2006 and haven’t touched a drop since, a lot of people would consider that a miracle.
    It’s part of the AA program to believe in a ‘higher power’ such as your own understanding of god.
    This is the second step in a twelve step program which has helped millions, yes millions of people to recover from this dreadful disease of alcoholism.

  10. no evan god said in the bible that he will not help us he will not save people or anything. your friends neice must grow up to be the anti-christ or sompthing

  11. a miracle is something that as such cannot be explained in a normal scientific fashion, we say that all miracles can be so explained in the light of truth about just what has happened. in this case the wee lassie has been cured well it may be a permanet cure or not time will tell. as for the prayers yes they could help somewhat. may i suggest a proper spiritual and we say scientific cure or at least treatment for all cancers etc. there has been a homeopathic remedy available from four sources in the world. the nearest to usa in mexico about 30 miles from the city at a place called TLACOTE a small village where there was discovered a valuable healing well, just one of 777 wells to be on earth eventually. many from Texas go there often. i have been taking tablets from a health shop in uk for years and am as fit as can be. see web site for details
    watch recent video http://www.s12.si/content/view/109/60/

  12. Oh yea! My daughters wouldnt be here with out the grace of God. My life is a walking testomony. Many situations and outcomes in my life where i new it was nothing but God. Never say something is impossible because nothing is impossible for God. The key is walking out in faith and believing. Pray then believe….no doubts.

  13. Jesus promised us that if we believe in Him and follow the law of YHWH, and be righteous, we will be able to do these things. Yes, there are some of us that can do miracles through Jesus.

  14. So why don’t you wait a few years to see if it comes back before you call it a miracle. You may be absolutely right, because God does heal People, but people on YA have absolutely no way of verifying the facts in this case. I remember reading a story when I was a teenager written by a Pentecostal Minister who had been healed of cancer. The story was amazing and I remember telling my mother how much I was impressed by this. She smiled and said, two months after he published that book he was dead of cancer. I am not trying to burst your bubble, but there are a lot of people making claims that really are questionable.

  15. Miracles still happen for those who believe. Jesus said “don’t be afraid, only believe”.
    We prayed for a 2 month old baby that the doctors said had a very dangerous disease called “mursa”. Her parents took her to 3 different hospitals hoping for a cure. Nothing was working. The parents are Christians and had all local churches praying for their child. The doctors could not understand how this child could recover so quickly and fully.
    One of our Deacons had a heart attack about 15 years ago. He literally died. The doctors pronounced him dead. Our church and many local churches were praying for him. He came alive but was in serious trouble. His heart had exploded and if he didn’t get a heart he would surely die. He got that heart that night but the doctors said if he makes it 6 months it would be a miracle. That was 14 years ago and he still leads the choir and services.
    I could name many instances where it could only be a miracle. I have seen many in my own life. Too many to mention in so limited space.

  16. I do believe in miracles and I also believe in the power of prayer. I also believe that Jesus Christ will intercede on behalf of any of us and cast out sickness and evil wherever it may be in our world.
    The Miracle of Damascus
    above is Pt9 click right for Pts 1 through 8 etc.
    Wishing you and all your family and friends a wonderful Christmas.
    Some of my favourite music for you to enjoy.
    First, my favourite opera singer – Beniamino Gigli – Mamma
    Stille Nacht
    For Unto Us a Child is Born – Freddy Handel Esq.,
    Kathleen Ferrier – the greatest English Opera contralto of all time. What is Life Without Thee. . .

  17. Yes, everytime someone changes thier life for the better and everytime someone releases/let’s go of negative things in their life.
    Manifesting a brave face and acting with unconditional compassion for others in times of incredible personal stresses and troubles, is in my opionion one of the biggest miricles of all.

  18. Praise God!! Yes i am one who definitely believes in miracles and healing as God recently healed me too and no there was no medical intervention. It was a mass growth at the base of my tongue and we prayed for a healing and received it> God is awesome.

  19. Miracles most definitely do happen – but you need to have faith – faith precedes the miracle.
    Personally I think that every time someone calls you just when you are having a bad day it is a miracle as it every life that is born it is a miracle.
    I was nearly in NYC on 9/11 – I consider it a miracle that I wasn’t!

  20. Such a good question Heather. I am a Christian and of course I believe that miracles are happening all the time. I am pleased that things are working out for you. It only really takes God’s intervention, where ordinary science cannot explain or solve and it is a miracle.
    There is just one problem however in your question. There will always be people who come out with the wise-guy answers. ‘it wasn’t a miracle but this is what solved it’, and you might hove difficulty with these people. But remember, these people will eventually realise, perhaps after years of testimony from people like yourself, that maybe God is at work in this after all. So keep it up!


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