Do you believe that if you have a gift of energy helaing it is from God?





by carpathian mage:

As long as I can remember I have been able to lay hands on someone and focus on finding the origin of pain within their body and ease their pain, not major stuff like disease but speed up healing by using the energy within and without, a lot of times afterward, they feel better, but I pay a price, I take on the pain somehow and feel the ache and pain within myself for about a day and then it is gone. I do not know why I can do this, and I would like to believe it is a gift, unasked for. what do you think?
I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression, I do not just do this for anyone, nor do I have patients, I pretty much keep it to myself and I do not tell the few people I have helped that I was helping due to scepticism, they just tell me that I have magical hands.

Answer by Chippy v1.0.0.3b
get real. mind over matter. your not healing anything. ur just giving them a placebo.


  1. The superficial pains or discomfort we experience are mostly psychosomatic. This mean some rogue elements in our nervous system tricks our brain we are suffering pain and discomfort. Thus if your “patients” believe you can heal them, they will feel healed. The pain you feel afterwards may also be psychosomatic in nature.
    God’s gift to anybody is spiritual in nature or at least, meant to improve your spiritual health. The physically sick and the physically healthy have equal chances of meriting heaven. Under this condition, a gift for physical healing from God is superflous.
    I think you have developed a way of relating/communicating to people that make them feel more comfortable and secure
    and thus free them from psychosomatic symptoms. I wish I would meet someone like you. You would be great to have around when the going gets rough and tough. Carry on!

  2. If God was in it u would not feel the pain from it. God heals with no strings attached and nobody else feeling the pain.

  3. That often people feel better when they think they are being helped or when they have physical contact to distract them.
    And that you are likely assuming their pain as a psychological reaction to what you think you are doing.
    But hey, that’s just one logical explanation. I’m sure there are others.
    Let the thumbs down begin for my closed-minded, proof demanding skepticism. Whoo!

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