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Do you believe that Consciousness is a simple result of some biochemical reaction or is it really "something"?


  1. Consciousness, self, is the invention of a biological brain.
    A wonderful and glorious invention. The brain has come up with many great inventions, to promote its individual survival; other examples would be perception of pain and of color.
    (When you are in great physical pain, and it almost too great to bear, have you ever asked yourself: How is my brain producing this? Pain exists nowhere but in a brain.)

  2. Life is a form of energy, one we haven’t explored yet.
    This is why only organic matter can produce organic matter.
    If it were a simple matter of lightening striking a primordial pond, then we’d have new diseases every year from all over the world from lightening storms constantly creating new life.

  3. yes. thank u my dear. biochemical responses. i like that. finally, people are getting grips with neurology and brain science. good. see? development. intelligence. science. it works.

  4. consciousness works against evolution, so by an evolutionary standpoint, consciousness makes no sense.
    Our consciousness is God’s gift of free will to us.
    And biochemical reactions stimulate the brain, but it is not proven that they cause thoughts. Personally, I believe our thoughts cause biochemical reactions.

  5. If only the material world exists, how can one be conscious one minute then dead the next…It is really something. When you die your spirit is separated from your body. The body without the spirit is dead.

  6. Nope, It is what it is, the Voice of your innermost being the human spirit, the Conscience of the inward man, the spirit which is in man, YOU, EGO, the searcher of spiritual things, the part of man the soul cannot know, but is known, by the spirit in man, the man the body cannot know, but knows all about the body, the entity that can know God, and fellowship with God, but died to God because of Adams disobedience, Romans 5: 12 and Genesis 2: 17 and is given back to them who are reconciled back to God and is salvation which is the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Spirit, Titus 3: 5 and John 3: 3,5,8
    If you haven’t been reconciled back to God through Jesus Christ then why blame God for all the bad experiences you have chosen through your free will to choose?

  7. Consciousness is a complex result of the interaction among neurons in brain and it’s the most mysterious aspect of our lives ’cause, consciousness is really the human part in men.


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