Do you Believe that connections between alive persons soul is possible?

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I don’t talk about telepathy or Mediumship! I mean something like spirits/soul relationships. even from far distance.

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Suspension of the Disbeliever

Probably, yeah. I think close family members can share some sort of psychic bond.

Kent C

scientifically, there is nothing to suggest that people could connect over a long distance. Personally, I do believe that there are sometimes coincidences where people will know when something significant happens to a loved one. I guess you could also have a long distance connection through something remote, like two people looking at the moon at the same time in two places far away from each other.


The soul is part of one’s mind and body….being a monist, I say that their is no soul apart from the person to whom it belongs///

Josh Alfred

No we are not entangled like your hands would be if you put your fingers together, we are entangled like two reflections thriving in each other.


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