• Of course Auroras can be seen especially from Alaska and some of the Northern States. BB

    ………………………. OOps!


  • Auras are seen by some, but by most they are ‘read’ or ‘discerned.’

    Auras proceed us by miles, truth be known. They are enormous fields of feeling and thought and being.

    Our auras overlap in enormous overlapping layers and fields of unified consciousness.

    Being still, and finding our ‘center’ brings our aura back into focus, and the scattered edges are more efficient at communicating our essence to the Universe.

    It’s essential that the soul find an ‘economy’ of spirit — in other words, that the fractured soul does not constantly splatter its non-matter in every direction.

    To do this, grow silent and still, and wait. You will find the beauty and life within, it will never leave you.

    Auras are the flashes of Divinity given off by every human soul. In India one bows and says, ‘Na mas te’ or translated: ‘I acknowledge the Divine within you.’

    Acknowledging another’s Divinity makes it more difficult to grossly injure the spirits of others, it helps to make us more human and more gentle.

  • My brother thinks that everyone has an aura and they’re all different colors. Our goal is to acheive purity or something like that. Once we do, our aura will become white. I like the sound of that, but I’m not sure I believe it (the color part)

    I do think there are some people who can see our aura clear as day. And I think once in awhile, we may meet people with such a positive, pure and powerful aura that we can see it but don’t realize that’s what we’re seeing. We just think that the person is so incredible and good.

  • On very rare occasions I’ve seen them. But I feel them all the time. Auras are simply the energy that surrounds a person.

  • I have never seen an aura. I think I may have felt them. There’s an air around people..some cool and some warm. People with anxiety affect me when I go near them. It’s like I can feel there nerves penetrate mine….May sound crazy but when I ask them if they are generally anxious- all have said yes.

  • I’m sure there are some people who can, but I reckon they are few and far between. The rest of em are trying to make a quick buck, methinks.

  • Yes. Apparently they have been observed under laboratory conditions using electronic scanning devices and I view them as being less supernatural than a natural phenomenon that science hasn’t got around to explaining yet.

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