Home Discussion Forum Do you believe that all subconscious minds are connected?

Do you believe that all subconscious minds are connected?

Your mind floats in your head but yet it can extend outside to be in direct contact with other minds???You get what I am saying ???:))))hehehehe


  1. I can believe in that, though I’d call it a superconscious (above normal consciousness), not a subconscious (above normal consciousness). I think there could be a Universal Mind that is the totality of all experiences and perceptions, and each of our individual minds are part of it.
    Unfortunately, even if all minds are connected on some level, I don’t think there is *necessarily* any possibility of manipulating that to develop “mind reading” or telepathy powers (though I’d be open to a demonstration…). So really, my belief in the Universal Mind has no particular impact on my life. I would live just the same if I didn’t believe all minds were connected.

  2. Not in the llight of Western Philosophy, even with the help of Descartes, who argues for disembodied existence of mind. But may be in Patanjali, and in his yoga Philosophy, where the mind is capable of leaving the gross body to travel as a subtle body, the stage which is called Turya.

  3. That is a great question! I imagine that you are asking this question because of all the hype about the laws of the universe, and specifically the law of one, or unity. In that understanding we can recognize that we are all one, and part of a powerful source that is outside of our physical bodies.
    In fact when you think about it, we are composed of spirit, mind and body. So the way we percieve the world to be is our personal truth. In this all the external elements of our world, as we see it, is filtered through our perception. Kind of looking through the world with rose-coloured glasses!!!!
    In this truth, those around us are interpreted, or percieved through our patterns of thinking, our ways of habitually translating events. If you can wrap your mind around this, you can then see that the way you view yourself internally is the way your world is seen in your personal perception.
    From this understanding, you can then see how we are all connected through our spirit, as it flows from a divine source.
    Our mind is part and parcel of our human form, and without the spirit it just doesn’t work. The spirit is the life force and is only contained within our physical form if that is how you perceive it to be.
    This is why meditation is so effective in bringing about healing on all levels. When you connect with the universal unity you begin to see that our thoughts are not part of our spirit, but part of our earthly bodily form. You can discover the miracle of how the spirit is about joy and love. By releasing all the many thoughts that drift in and out of your mind, you can eventually see that they are not a part of your spiritual being, and in this you are on the path to becoming enlightened.
    With today’s scientific findings, such as Dr. Hawkin’s calibration of truth, using kinesiology, we have a brilliant and perfect future ahead of us in which everything is possible. In this we have proof that their is one infinate source of divine love and peace, and in this we are connected as one. The world is a perfect {karmatically} for all of us to discover this truth.
    So to have great and beautiful thoughts is a wonderful way to contribute to our world. Thanks for posting this great question!
    Jennifer Noble LifeSuccess Consultant

  4. I believe everything is connected to and in the Web, Divine Matrix, Universal mind etc.
    Northstar has it down pat, many blessings

  5. I know that there are times when I have “tuned in” to what another was doing, thinking, at the time it was happening. However, there could be other explanations to that. I have experienced complicated dreams about friends and relatives that happened in real life post dream.
    Is that touching someone else’s mind? No way to prove it.
    Jung’s explanation of Collective Unconscious could explain many “aha’s” in life.

  6. There is no doubt in my mind.
    The trick is not seeing them as connected.
    The real trick is seeing them as separate.
    Love and blessings Don

  7. If your really quite you can feel it. Listen to the sun spin round the earth, the peak of energies as the week-end comes and goes. The shock waves of mass tragedies. It is almost like a song. The individual feelings get drowned out but the cumulative is defining in its’ beats.

  8. no, I do not think that, all subconscious minds are connected. Where do you get all this questions from? makes me wonder.

  9. Hi Rena, I think that subconscious minds can connect with other minds.Maybe not all, but most i would say.This is what i believe.Certain individuals can link together.

  10. Sort of. There is a book covering some serious science at the Stanford Research Institute into distance phenomena. Its author is Lynne Mc Taqggart. It is called, “The Field.”
    It seems our minds imprint the zero field. If she is not off base, it would explain a lot, like karma transmission from one reincarnation to the next.

  11. If this question is put to an arihant who has achieved super consciousness , he would say yes. But for all others it may be a No.
    Do this experiment : take a pin prick and prick your hand in presence of your mother. Can the mother feel it? or can you feel the pain of pin prick your mother is experiencing?
    If the answer is yes then yes else no.
    Regarding subconscious : can u experience the dream which your mother has seen or can she experience your dream.
    Same experiment can be done within twins also.
    well , the answers are (probably) no.
    However , all is not lost. If we find a way to rise up from the human consciousness into the super conscious then it may be, as I know that Buddha has described the mind of an arihant which he himself was. Here he tells that an arihant can know the thoughts of others or he can implant his thoughts in others or he can make others behave as he wants , clairaudience etc. supernatural powers.
    See the link:

  12. 1) we live in a magnetically charged environment called the universe, we are made of magnetically charged cells.
    2) we have been separated from the “ONE” and only conscious being and now live individual subconscious lives for whatever reason.
    3) data knowledge flows in all directions and is instantly recorded through our experiences in the whole body of that conscious “ONE”
    4) nothing is created it just is.
    5) we are in a time period called the ‘NOW” that is driven by emotions to keep order in a chaotic separation of the divine self or “ONE”..
    you dont believe? where does electricity go after its been used?
    goes through an object makes it move then goes back to the source in a controlled cycle called a “system”.


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