Home Discussion Forum Do you believe that Aleister Crowley was "The Wickedest Man Alive?"?

Do you believe that Aleister Crowley was "The Wickedest Man Alive?"?

or was that all just hype…
Note I said WAS not IS


  1. It sounds good, but I don’t think so. I feel there was some real evil going on there, but I don’t even consider him Top Ten

  2. It was hype. He liked it that way. He named himself The Great Beast and put on a very bad-boy show, but y’know, the guy’s favorite hobby was mountain climbing, and then he went and founded Thelema–“Love is the law, love under will”.
    A big part of this was to keep people away from what he wrote unless they’re brave enough to venture on through all the “I’m soooo evil and I make fun of everyone, including you, the reader” stuff. Once you hack through that, there’s plenty of valuable information inside…

  3. I think he was an odd duck but if you are talking wicked their are serial killers I would put ahead of him. Someone that kills without remorse and rather with glee is wicked to me.
    Hey I rhymed, wohoo!

  4. Greetings!!!
    Aleister Crowley may not have been the “wickedest man alive” but he was one of the most knowledgable and well versed men in the dark arts.

  5. Hype.
    If a Christian tells you that someone is evil/wicked that is someone you should probably listen to.

  6. At the time….he was certainly “in the running’ for the title.
    But considering that Adolph Hitler was alive at the same time – I gotta give the Blue Ribbon to Hitler.
    And the WWM (World’s Wickedest Man) Championship belt, too.


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