Do you believe that Aleister Crowley was "The Wickedest Man Alive?"?

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or was that all just hype…
Note I said WAS not IS

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old school



Well, he isn’t anymore because he’s dead. Isn’t he?


It sounds good, but I don’t think so. I feel there was some real evil going on there, but I don’t even consider him Top Ten


It was hype. He liked it that way. He named himself The Great Beast and put on a very bad-boy show, but y’know, the guy’s favorite hobby was mountain climbing, and then he went and founded Thelema–“Love is the law, love under will”.
A big part of this was to keep people away from what he wrote unless they’re brave enough to venture on through all the “I’m soooo evil and I make fun of everyone, including you, the reader” stuff. Once you hack through that, there’s plenty of valuable information inside…

devora k

No but I would surely vote for Hitler


I think he was an odd duck but if you are talking wicked their are serial killers I would put ahead of him. Someone that kills without remorse and rather with glee is wicked to me.
Hey I rhymed, wohoo!


Aleister Crowley may not have been the “wickedest man alive” but he was one of the most knowledgable and well versed men in the dark arts.

The Chaos Within

If a Christian tells you that someone is evil/wicked that is someone you should probably listen to.


wicked like a disney villain

Father K

At the time….he was certainly “in the running’ for the title.
But considering that Adolph Hitler was alive at the same time – I gotta give the Blue Ribbon to Hitler.
And the WWM (World’s Wickedest Man) Championship belt, too.


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