Do you believe that after death we lose our individual existence?

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Sometimes I feel uneasy about the possibility that after this life human beings merge into some big cosmic consciousness. It means that after death all individuality is lost. You will not be yourself, but you will be one with this consciousness. So what do you think about this?
Francois, you forgot about Plotin, Native american, and Hindu beliefs, etc. I expected answers based on personal experience and evaluation. I know the history of philosophical thought pretty well. It’s diverse.

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because even in life there is no individual existence…

Francois Le Clerc

the whole consciousness concept is an old idea in new age clothes.
the original concept is that of a “world spirit” and most known for playing around with this idea are Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and much later Hegel.
“I expected answers based on personal experience and evaluation.”
Personal experience in the afterlife?
I am sorry i need to pass on that one.
Also i am not aware of any methods to objectively measure the nature of the afterlife.
Or maybe i just didn’t get the memo.
There are uncountable numbers of variation of concepts about how afterlife is like.
Nobody has returned from there to tell us
and neither are we able to “break through” into that level of (non-?)existence and return safely.
i also don’t understand the fear.
if you seize to exist and somehow emerge into “that one big consciousness” while being deprived of your individuality,
then you would not be able to worry about it, since you won’t be capable of worrying about it anymore.
so, if all that is inevitable, i can’t seem to find a reason to worry.


I don’t think we are really individuals now. We may see ourselves as separate, but in truth everything that we are is because of others, we just haven’t regarded the interrelationship as significant.
As for after death, I make no suppositions.


You know what, there is still existence of life after death but not like here in the world we live physically and sorrounded by materials. That why this saying says that knowledge is the only treasure you can take when you die, you can’t take your material things and money even power you possess while your still living in this world.
There is a greater life after death way better, peaceful and just. Its true. Live a good and simple life not selfish and greedy life.
Like the priest say we all die, its just that some stays in this world shorter or God takes them first but we all die anyway some are not yet ready. This big cosmic consciousness your talking about? Forget it. Its better to live a valuable, holy and precious life.


well since my existence is sustained by electrical impulses in my brain and when i die those go away i would say ye i lose my individual existence, though i doubt i would gain anything


the purpose of the soul
is to know itself as an eternal entity
capable of being fully attuned to the whole
so watch out for psychobabble
that would have you believe otherwise 🙂
and you can quote me on that
or google where that coulda come from 🙂


You have probably lost the individual existence you had 15 years ago, and probably lose it every time you dream. It´s not easy for me to say exactly what is my “self” even to myself. You must know that the mystics usually advise that selflessness is essential to full realization, which has been described as the drop of rainwater returning to the sea (probably after drifting down the gutter, into a stream which leads to a river…) Feeling “uneasy” may be an impractical approach to the question, but it is certainly worth looking into.


this kinda reminds me of the legend of the sigmurgh, a bird that is pretty much a culmination of othr birds. I think we do all become one after death, i look at it as if we’re all rain droplets falling through the sky and when we die we fall in one giant ocean, now its not a bad thing because the ocean is beautiful and produces beautiful things. so i wouldn’t be afraid of the concept of merged conciousness


We are born as individuals but we sell ourselves quickly to each other. And we never get it back.
This is so sad.


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