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Do you believe that a human being has an astral body?

There is the belief that a human being is of three layers:
The physical body, which dies and is buried on Earth.
The astral body, which is an exact copy of how you looked on Earth, which you still have as you enter Heaven. You feel like yourself in Heaven because you are still sheathed in the astral body.
The actual Soul, the core of your reality, which is without form, but ultimately more real than either of the two “bodies.”
Does this sound right, in your estimation?


  1. Have you conjured this up yourself or do you have backing evidence?
    I believe that we are made of three parts, our brain, our hands, and our genitals. Sometimes there is painful conflict between them, but all can be resolved after a nice relieving.
    Oh no! My Belief conflicts with yours, what are we to do?

  2. God created us with a spirit………..and that spirit will leave this body behind when we die. It will go to either heaven with Christ or to hell without Him

  3. This sounds very biblical, because we are a body, a soul, and a spirit. You happen to call it an “astral body”, but the Bible calls it your spirit. A rose by any other name is just as sweet.
    What I have problems with is when people claim that they can leave their physical body before it dies.

  4. Nope. There’s just your physical body. When you die that’s it. There’s no heaven to go to. You have only this life, so you need to get it right.

  5. No, not in the slightest.
    If you are your soul why does alcohol, drugs, brain dmaage affect your personality? Because you are your body, nothing else.

  6. No the human body is just like all the other living forms on the planet
    A from of life made of part of the planet that they are located on
    And God only knows how many more different forms of life there is in the universe
    Earth is not the only one for sure unless mankind is still having a hard time getting out of the
    World if Flat room.

  7. No. There is no evidence souls are real.
    The mind is the result of the functions of the brain.
    Basically, there are four parts of your brain. The Left; data and logic, The Right; imagination, The Lower; bodily functions and primal emotions and The Higher: Compassion and Creativity.

  8. Yes, that is a good picture of reality.
    The soul, which is eternal, takes on a new persona for a new earth experience.
    According to Edgar Cayce, most people do have OBEs nightly during sleep.
    So you don’t have to believe it for it to be real.
    As Charles F Kettering said, ” you can send a message around the world in
    one-fifth of a second, yet it may take years to get from the outside of a man’s
    head to the inside.”

  9. Yes. Physical is the gross body, subtle body is the astral body consisting of mind and intellect of that person and the soul is the causal body.

  10. Very close according to that which I am studying. Phantom pain is understood through the concept of an astral body. It is I believe as you describe. The physical body is the upadhi or vehicle of all the rest and cannot exist without them. They on the other hand can exist without the physical body. The Astral body works the same way and cannot exist without the higher principles but they can without it. Thus, with someone who experiences phantom pain, the invisible copy is still functioning and transmitting pain where there, to the senses, should not be any.
    The principles of man: –
    1. Sthula Sarira (physical body)*
    2. Prana +
    3. The Vehicle of Prana >
    4. Kama Rupa… vehicle of desires and passions
    [ Volitions and feelings, etc. (lower mind)
    5.Mind [
    [ Vignanam (higher mind…the basis for the higher spiritual individuality of man.)
    6. Spiritual Soul ll
    7. Atma or Divine Self
    Footnote(s) –––––––––––––––
    * “Sheath” literally, the sheath of every principle.
    + “Life.”
    > The astral body or Linga Sarira.
    ll Buddhi
    The septenary division can be looked at more closely if you follow this link. I could not get it to copy. http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/tup-onl.htm Click on The Secret Doctrine… find Vol.1, part 1…. then find Theosophical Misconceptions on page 152. On page 153 and 157 there are charts and explanations of these divisions.
    Also, T. Subba Row in Notes on the Baghavad Gita gives another view simplifying the seven to four and comparing them to the same four principles of the Kosmos. A very interesting study if you are interested.

  11. Yes!
    I had an out of body experience when i was 18.
    The experience changes how we see our self.
    You can not prove it to disbelievers though.
    The problem is that disbelievers do not accept methodologically the epistemological evidence of those that have had the experience.
    Which means that the facts are always interpreted in a way that validates the enquirer.
    Which is to say confirms their ontological position.

  12. People who have astral projected will answer “YES”, because they know.
    People who have not astral projected will probably answer “NO”, because they have no knowledge of it and it threatens their belief system and ego if there were any other possibility. I completely accept that this is a normal answer for them.
    I would have answered NO until I started having spontaneous Out of Body experiences/Astral Projections.
    Now I answer YES!!!!!!!!
    Who knows how many bodies we have?
    Theosophists believe we have 7 bodies.

  13. Yes we do have a subtle body as well as a physical body. I have travelled thousands of miles while my physical body remains in a state of forgetfulness of self. The only indication of the viability of my experiences are that people who I connect with. They report the outcome though they may be many thousands of miles away. This isn’t something I ‘do’ but something that happens to me on occasion, usually as a result of a state of prayer or meditation.
    Spiritual giants such as Padre Pio did most of his work from his astral body. He never left his monestery in south central Italy and yet he visited many people all over the world, healing them, guiding them and answering there prayerful pleas.

  14. .
    Yes, it does sound right Sara.
    I agree with what has been written here.
    Our subtle (astral) body is very real. It is the energy pattern and template upon which our physical body depends and is formed by. It can exist without our physical body, but our physical body cannot exist without it. During travel beyond the body there remains a subtle connection that sustains the physical body.
    It is possible to see elements of the subtle body. They show up as a hazy aura of colours that surround a person. They alter and change depending upon what that person is thinking or emoting. The subtle body is really quite beautiful in someone with a loving heart. Soft pastel colours of pink and green.
    Then there is the causal body and it is that which carries the seeds and impressions of past karma. There is a little descrepancy here as to whether it could be called Soul or not, because Soul has different meanings in different traditions.
    I would say that what Christianity would interpret as the Soul, lies beyond the causal body.

  15. Sara – no, actually I don’t believe this, and in my estimation, it doesn’t sound right. Although I don’t know.
    I assume that my physical body and my personality and/or mind are temporary arrangements, and that both are going to dissolve when I die.
    Sometimes I half believe, or want to believe, that there is a “spirit” inside me which is really the indwelling of God and/or the Hindu creation god Brahma.
    I like to think that when I die, this little spark of spirit will keep on living, since it was never part of my physical or mental self to begin with, but only chose to look through my eyes for a few years. When I die, I like to think that this little spark of Brahma will continue being a little spark of Brahma, of universal awareness.
    However, I obviously know nothing about what happens after we die. So although I see no reason to believe in an astral body or in “heaven” as westerners think about heaven, I can’t say from experience whether this is correct or incorrect.
    One thing I like about the Christian gospel of Matthew, I think, is the extent to which it suggests that we can do “God’s work” or partake in the “Kingdom of Heaven” by acting with love, compassion, mercy and justice here on earth.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all try to act on that thought, and see if we can’t make earth a more spiritual place before we start to engage with the astral sphere, if there is one?

  16. The “soul” of the human being is an astral body. The soul is trapped inside the body of the flesh until such time of their demise. The soul can and has separated from the body in time of bodily stress.
    My soul left my body during a near-death experience. I watched my body from above with two other beings, who I communicated with at the time.
    I do not know of another astral body than what I have personally experienced.
    Peace and Blessings


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