Home Discussion Forum Do you believe telepathy can be done, and how?

Do you believe telepathy can be done, and how?

me adn my friend tried it with psychic cards and numbers and we got it right 50% of the time
i thought it might have been luck but the number guess it counted as first time guess between 20 numbers 20 times 10 right so yeah but i really want to know if anyone else has tried anything like this


  1. Telepathy is documented, but it cannot be forced.
    The documented cases occurred where one person had a detailed dream about a person they knew, told others about it the next day, and eventually found out that the details of the dream actually did occur.
    There is the story of the mother who dreamed her child was in a shipwreck, during WW2. At the same time, her son’s troopship was torpedoed – the son did survive.
    There is the story of Julia Grant seeing her husband [Ulysses Grant] in a field, on horseback, and people were shooting at him. That also happened at the same time as the dream.
    There are hundreds, or thousands, of similar stories.
    The key elements are that the two people have a great affinity with each other, and there is extraordinary strong emotions from the “sender” that are somehow “picked up” by the “receiver.”
    Nobody knows why, yet.


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