Do you believe Shamanism is a living a vital religion? Look below.?

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There are more, but I ran out of Characters.
American Heritage Dictionary:Religion A cause, a principle, or an activity pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion.
Even Trout Fishing and golf can be called religions to those who adhere to them with seriouness and gusto.
Also, I wouldn’t try to tell a Dineh Shaman of the Kachina that they don’t belong to a religion.

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Shamanism is NOT a religion. It is a spiritual practice.


Shamanism is usually a practice in a practice ie Celtic Shaman, Sprit Shaman. Sometimes its a rank as well. Sort of like a High Priest. I suppose some people out there look at it as a religion. To each thier own.

Janet L

I don’t think it’s a religion as much as a spiritual practice. I think Shamanism is a wonderful thing though.

)0( Cricket Song

Yes, I do believe that shamanism is a vital religion. It is a system of religious and medical beliefs and practices that centers on the shaman, a specific type of magico-religious practitioner…who specializes in contacting and controlling the supernatural.


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